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Smut/Hentai RP with plotlist (PM ONLY) - Original Character Yaoi RP [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

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Smut/Hentai RP with plotlist (PM ONLY) [Feb. 10th, 2017|12:55 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Name: Call me Tiger, or if you know a cute nickname!
Age: In my late 20s, time goes so fast!
Gender: Guy
About me: I'm the creative type, who loves to write fiction in my free time. And sometimes... I do like a 'spicy' roleplay. ;) And I'm dying to have an unforgettable experience again!
Timezone: GMT +1:00

First of all, I will ONLY accept female partners.


Type of RP: Smut, so that means 18+ content. Anime-style, or realworld-ish.
Story or smut-driven? Depends on what you like. I like plenty of smut, myself.
Reference images? I use anime and reallife-ish images to represent our characters.
Fandoms? After long consideration, I decided to not do any fandoms.
Roles: I can play as a guy in a MxF pairing, but if desired by you, would be willing to do a FxF (lesbian/yuri) pairing. I have done some in the past. If so, mind you that I then do like to play as a tomboy. But you may convince me otherwise! lol I do like trying out new things.
Position? Switch, sub, dom. I can do all, but I tend to switch around, leaning toward dom.
Kinks? Most stuff, soft, hard, you name it. I may even be willing to try taboo, if that ever tickled your ears, but you'll have to tell me what you want. Just no furries, scat, gore, necromancy, etc.

Platform: PM only!

PLOTS that I have thought of, but I would also love to hear yours:

1. A couple are out and about, sightseeing, traveling the landscape, in their brand new car. Their love blossoms into a dirty, messy love making in and outside of the car, and at whatever public place they visit. But someone, who is at odds with the couple, follows and stalks, and potentially lethal confrontation may be just around the corner.

2. A 24-year old former gangster (yakuza, maybe? Italian mob?) steps out of his former life, to look for where real love is to be found. He meets a young woman, gets acquainted, and before long, they fall madly in love. But his former gangster buddies haven't forgotten his betrayal, endangering not only him, but even her safety becomes a question mark.

3. A handsome sojourner is forced to lodge at a monastery, due to days of hazardous weather. There he finds an attractive, young girl who is living there as a nun, and the two are drawn like magnets. Time passes, and the two get too intimately close, romantically and especially sexually. Will the Prioress, the head of the monastery, find out about the secretive going-on’s?

4. It is the early 1600s in Japan. A roaming, handsome swordsman (masterless samurai) finds his peace at an inn. But he decides to pay a visit to the the nearby, famed red-light district, where he finds a beautiful woman, a prostitute, and the two soon fall deeply in love. The two work together for her to escape her current existence, but will they succeed? When her boss has a band of lethal warriors keeping an eye on every girl or perpetrator.

5. Two childhood (best) friends, now adults, are students at Akatsuki High School; a special school for a select bunch, located remotely. Both have rich parents, yet these two friends feel something missing; something...deeply intimate. The two get more intimately acquainted, sexually and romantically, while a shady(obsessive) teacher has his eyes set on the girl.

6. A young man seeks employment, and decides to fill in an application form at a small, pawn shop run solely by a woman (milf?) older than him. Her sex-drive is far beyond the average woman, and seeks to seduce him. Eventually, he becomes the dominant alpha-male, showing her his youthful sex-drive. Together they explore all kinds of pleasures, while her business is slowly but surely heading toward bankruptcy.

{{ Just for fun! Anime Fandom Alert!;3 }}
7. A scientific couple figured out how to travel through dimensions, by building the Dimension Traveler aircraft in utter secrecy. But the breakthrough is that various anime-worlds (name your favorite anime) are to be accessed, bringing the smut to previously untainted, innocent worlds, as both their minds are filled with filthy ideas. But there is a serious drawback using this machine; once its limit of usage is reached, there is no way going back home.