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Writing Partners Wanted - Original Character Yaoi RP [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Writing Partners Wanted [Jan. 11th, 2017|10:57 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


(Gosh, it's been far too long since I've been on LiveJournal....)

Hello, Lovelies. ^^

Recent events have taken two of my long-term writing partners from me, and while my life is always busy, I am looking to garner one or two more to fill those places.
About Me:
My name here on the interwebz is Snipely. Feel free to nickname me at your leisure. My place of origin is the USA, and I am on the Central Time Zone. I have 7+ years on the Role Play scene.
My availability varies, depending on the day, what I have going on, and what my classes look like. I typically post at random intervals throughout the day, whenever I find the time, and I’m typically around in the evening for a few hours. I usually manage a few posts a day, even when I’m busy.
I don’t have any real rules pertaining to my writing partners. Just be a sensible little creature and come pre-programmed with manners, and we should get along just fine.
What I Am Looking For:
I am looking for at least a semi-long-term RP partner, (or possibly two). I don’t like getting knee-deep into an RP and then finding my writing partner has vanished.
I’m not a grammar nazi, but if I’m planning on writing with someone, I would prefer that my partner was literate, knew how to use commas, and knew the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

What I Write:

Spoiler Alert….. I write basically everything.

My Style:
I write 3rd Person view, Past Tense. I hang between 2-7 paragraphs in length on my posts, but that varies depending on my plot and my writing partner. I can write any character, either gender, any orientation, any background.

Genres: Ancient fantasy, modern fantasy, supernatural, horror, general dark themes, sci-fi, futuristic, apocalyptic, mythology…. the list continues.
I don’t do high school settings, and I tend to get bored with Slice-of-Life RPs. I’m good with writing almost anything though.

Pairings: MxM and MxF. I’m happy writing either.

Plots: I can write both complicated, detailed plots, and plotless, (shameless) smut. Feel free to contact me for either one.
I can’t think of any specific plots or pairings to put here… Feel free to let me know if you have any.

Characters: I have a small army of characters of various backgrounds. I only work with OC’s, (Original Characters).
I like characters that develop and have actual personalities, backgrounds, and quirks. I prefer characters who have logical reactions and human emotions.
For the love of all that is good and holy, please don’t give me a doe-eyed anime uke to play against.

Smut Scenes: I can write smut scenes, be it it soft-serve vanilla or rough and kinky.* I can write for tops, bottoms, and switches, as well as straight males and female characters.
(*On this note, while I am down with most kinks, anything pertaining to abuse, animals, feet, or bodily fluids is a no.)

Important Facts:
Chat speak is the figurative bane of my existence.
I’m deathly allergic to one-liners.
I’d like to find someone who’s writing style syncs well with my own.
Having similar timezones is a good thing.
I don’t usually do group RPs, I typically stick with 1 x 1’s.
I’ll go ahead and apologize up front for being sassy/sarcastic.
I stay up too late. I wouldn’t advise it, it hurts in the morning.
All of my characters have a Character Form/Sign Up. I would prefer if my partner’s did as well.

***Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, a stickler for being ‘politically correct’, or if bad language, violence, graphic smut scenes, sexual references, alcohol use, drug use, or other such material makes you uncomfortable, my sassy little Muses are not for you. <3

Contact Information:

Skype: snipersprophecy

I no longer RP via email - as I forget to check it, but if you would prefer to contact me via email you can reach me at;


Cheers, Lovelies!