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Roleplaying Partner! [Jan. 8th, 2017|04:58 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


Hello! I’ve been searching for an RP partner for quite some time that meet my idea of one. I, personally, don’t think my rules are too much. It’s the fact I have those that accept my invitational request, but don’t end up reading all my set demands and aren’t experienced writers. It bothers me every time that I’m looking for a simple partner to roleplay with. I’m a lax person, but to continuously have people come by who haven’t taken in my rules pretty annoys me. So, with hope, I’m here searching for that person. ^_^

Craving(s): Isn’t it humorous that after saying after all this that I’m wanting a smut and fluff filled RP? No? I hope not. That kind of roleplay, without doubt, is one with 70% smut and 30% fluff. And it’s a sort that I wish with two guys that are, perhaps, vampires? One is a vampire and one is a mortal, maybe? Both are ordinary humans or some other creature? Depends around the time I’m contacted or can be swayed with whichever options.
Then there’s – are they boyfriends already (if so, how far into or past the relationship [fiancés or husbands])? Are they strangers or acquaintances?
Connected to my cravings are mpreg and the whole mate concept if vampires become a part of this. They don’t have to be a thing, though.

Trigger(s): mention of suicide, detailed death and physical torture, ETC.


No ukes (I'm sorry, I've had WAY too many and, to be honest, they all acted the same. I want someone different). Sekes and semes ONLY (my OC will be a seke).

Third person writing.

More than five paragraphs.

No text talk or short slang (unless cell phones, paper, that stuff is being involved).

I’m not stingy, but, please, look over for grammar mistakes. I do this for mine (and I understand if you overlook some things). You won’t get jumped, I promise, I understand this.

NO. SPAMMING. I can not describe the irritable feeling when I repeatedly got messages from people who I didn’t reply to in an hour alone and LESS actually. Absolutely do NOT re-send messages if I haven’t replied. The time it can be re-sent it after the specified time period has passed which is a week and a half to two weeks. I have a life outside just as everyone does. I have a job, events do come, problems arise and I'm not always going to be at my device. Understand that.

No furries, godmodding (you can message me beforehand to work a quick something out or shortly discuss if it’s possible just as I would with you), necrophilia, vore, beastiality, scat, roleplaying fandoms and, I repeat, NO Mary Stus.

Don’t have my OC be the only one to make advances. He can’t be the loner one pursing and then they ‘magically’ end up together. Both must show interest. I want to see genuine and realistic interest. What makes them unique? Why/how did they end up in the other’s heart? What makes them special/different from the rest?

Stick to being in character. Do not force them to do or not to do something out of concern for your own reasons of wanting something. It’s the whole point of staying in character.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do sometimes like when an OC is madly blushing and being cute like that, however, for the love of all, don’t overdue it. It very redundant that that’s about all they do for no reason. I kindly ask to keep it at a reasonable minimum (plus, it’s not the exact sort of OC I'm searching for).

Pleeeease, be creative? Throw something in I wasn’t expecting! I want the roleplay to be adventurous. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing. I mean, like, your OC emphasizing their adoration, liking or love for my OC? That’s unexpecting! xD For real! Little things like that will easily amaze me and I enjoy the RP all the better. Diversity at its simplest, lol.




BDSM (light & extreme)

Dirty talk






Public exhibitionism


Premature ejaculation



3+ penetration




Pleasure control/denial



Sheath play


I don’t have anything particular in mind for a setting. We can discuss those details in later time. Also, you don’t see something you like up there? Consult with me! They don’t all have to be applied if you’re uncomfortable with a kink or two. Add some suggestions. ^_^ I won’t ever become mad or upset by changing up scenarios, ideas or if you want to talk! I encourage it. Don’t be shy. ; u ;

I’d like a picture of your OC and basic bio of your OC (doesn’t need to be long) for a better visual and understanding of them. You can use a drawing or acquire a shot from anywhere you like.

If you think you can follow these rules (if you DID read them, that is), PM me here or go to my Kik account.
I don’t do Gmail, Yahoo or Skype.

Kik: Noble_Aesthetic

P.S. If you contact me with a short "hi", "hey", "RP" or anything of the sorts, you WILL be ignored. Too many of those in the past. They all signal to me you aren't a very experienced roleplayer. Sorry, but I've never been wrong in my various personal encounters. :( Plus, adding a bit of personality in your message would help!