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Looking for rp partners [Apr. 18th, 2018|02:07 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Fox Foxy
Summary: So like the title suggests I'm looking for rp partners. I love writing and I love my characters as if they were my children. So here we go.

What I'm looking for:
1. M/M rp only. I do on the side have female characters and if the rp allows I like to pair them with someone.

2. My partner to be active. To be fair with me working and planning a wedding there are weekends where I may be inactive. However, I try to make up for that by rping on the weekends.

3. No perma ukes. I mean if all you do is rp uke then please don't contact me.

4. My partner to be able to provide multi-para 3rd person paragraph form. I will not accept any other format.

5. O/C only.

What I'm okay with:
1. M-Preg, rape, platonic relationships.

2. Character death as long as it is discussed beforehand.

3. Shifters.

What I'm not okay with:
1. Full on furries

2. Defenseless, whiny gary stus.

3. Lack of plot from the rp partner. I want you to be able to build up the plot as much as I do.

4. Over violence towards my characters.

Settings I'm okay with:
1. Modern
2. Modern Fantasy
3. Medieval
4. Medieval fantasy
5. Feudal Japan

Please note I do have plots for characters. So if I haven't scared you away please skype me and tell me a little bit about yourself or what you're looking for. Please note if you don't let me know that you are looking for an rp I'll probably ignore your request.

skype: swiftlittlekitsu
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So Give Me All Your Poisons~ //Searching for RP partners [Apr. 5th, 2018|10:35 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Greetings fellow earthlings and extra terrestrial forms!

While I already do have some lovely RP partners, I am in the middle of my vaccation with little to do and I could always use a few more stories to distract me from my mundane life.

So I'm on the lookout for some new RP partners (preferably long-term). I'm currently looking for original scenarios only, although I'm not opposed to borrowing elements from an already established fandom.

►Stuff that nobody really reads◄

♦Call me Ri.
♦Middle twenties.
♦Located in Europe, online at random times.
♦A decade of RP experience.
♦Proud cat parent.
♦Third person, past tense narrative, multiple paragraphs (usually from 3 to 15 depending on the scene, my mood and what I'm given to work with).
♦Open to m/m, f/f, m/f, nb/nb, polyamorous relationships, etc etc
♦Few pet peeves (basically vore, dealing with anything that needs to be flushed down the toilet, mpreg, pedophilia, furries, seme/uke dynamics and smut oriented plots)
♦Kink friendly.
♦OOC chatter and world building is awesome. Lets' create something fantastic together.
♦I love RPs involving multiple characters to spice things up.
♦Sometimes able to reply multiple times daily, sometimes once every other day -I'll always give you a head up if I need to be absent for longer.
♦Patient when it comes to replies.
♦RPing on mail only.

►If you contact me you should be:◄

♦An adult (preferably 21+).
♦Versatile; if you write only one type of character, or only one gender, we probably won't get along.
♦Patient when it comes to replies.
♦Not a ghost. You lost interest in our RP? Just say goodbye at least.
♦Not an one-liner.
♦Someone that equally contributes to the story.

►Some cravings◄

♦Here are some cravings of mine (or more like, some keywords -I have a few ideas for plots but I'd love to hear yours as well): merfolk, haunted provincial areas, demons and angels, gods walking amongst human, space colonies, online relationships, hospitals, detectives, serial killers, corrupted politicians, selkies, enemies-to-lovers (or the opposite), gang rivalry, stockholm syndrome, mystery, laboratories, A.I., heroes and villains, assassins, exoplanets, bounty hunters, ghosts, shapeshifters, arranged marriage, time travel, clones, monsters, dragon slayers -eh, the list is practically endless. If you feel like RPing something specific that's not related to what I listed- just ask. Chances are, I'll be up for it.

►If you see something you fancy feel free to message me at rithecatist @ gmail.com (just remove the spaces first!)
Tell me how should I call you, your ideas, your cravings, your limits, your life story, etc -I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (Just don't ask me if I want to RP -of course I do, duh.)
Have a nice day!
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Looking for Longterm Rp Partner (OC) [Apr. 2nd, 2018|02:15 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Name: Sam

Age: 20 (Turning 21 in January)

Experience: 6 years

Likes: Cuddles, Romance, Fluff, Crossdressing, Light Bondage, Tails/Ears, Dirty Talk, Blood/Gore, Violence, Platonic Relationships, Rough Sex, Passionate Sex, Diversity within Character's, Gender Identities and Various Sexualities. These are all things I am fine with portraying or using in an RP. By no means am I forcing you to use any of these or be comfortable with them.

Dislikes/Never Do: Lots of Blood/Gore or Violence (Used in sex or a sexual manner), SCAT, Watersports, Full-On Furries, Hardcore Bondage and BDSM, Rapeplay, Incest. I will not compromise these things within an RP. I won't be using them and if you are interested in these things and feel they are needed in any or every story we come up with I am certainly not the person to become your partner.

My Partner/s: I expect my partner/partners to have basic writing skills. Nothing fancy, but decent sentence structure and grammar. I expect them to at least let me know if they won't be replying or if they are busy. I too, am a busy person so I understand that life happens. I expect them to speak to me if the story isn't what they want or are bored of it etc. We can either change it, come up with something new or we may part if they so desire.

Relationships: I don't mind portraying a Male and Male, Female and Male, Female and Female relationship or any other Gender Identies in relationships. Whether this relationship is sexual, romantic or platonic. I don't care for assigned roles in relationships (Dominate/Submissive), but if you wish to do this with our characters then that is fine.

Availability: I have a part time job and currently am not taking college classes so I am pretty available. My schedule isn’t strict for every week but I don’t not work Tuesdays for sure. I am only part time so I don’t work many long hours, but I’ll usually reply before or after work for as long as I can. I’ll let my partners know my work schedule (or any plans I may have) in advance.

Time Zone: Standard Eastern Time

Email: nitoriiskawaii@gmail.com
Skype: ohfucknitori
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So Many Plots, So...Much Time [Mar. 31st, 2018|09:27 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


(Edit: I just wanna let you wanderers know that this post is always open; once it's not, I'll probably take it down ^u^)

Yo! Hope you're in the mood for some complicated OCs, wacky background characters and breath-of-fresh-air settings. If you are, you came to the right post!

At the moment (and for the foreseeable future) I'm in online school for my English degree with a predictably scheduled job, so I've got a little too much time on my hands that I'd like to dedicate towards building up a captivating roleplay. Seeing the little "1" by my inbox and eagerly awaiting someone's side of the story is such a joy, it's hard to think I've been living without it for a while now.

The easiest way to capture my heart is through a stirring, original or simply well thought out post that truly impacts the previous, rather than a literal response. I'm sorry to say that "kei looked up from his book and smiled" for a full reply isn't the type for me. Even one-liners can be great fun if you're looking for that specific kind of writing, as long as you've got the soul of the story and characters in mind. Roleplay is kinda like a passion project, and it would be a wonder to find someone who's happy to work twists, add a few extra friends and enemies, a cute B-story, etc.

That being said, I've got prompts for days, and they're just made for stirring the pot. So if you're blanking on a plot to suggest, never fear; I've always got some tricks up my sleeve. Below are some of the ideas I'm most interested in at the moment (mainly because I've already written starters to them ^o^"). Take a look, and feel free to ask about switching things around:

In this corner we got Marcello Lunati; a no-nonsense leader on the streets, and a total mess of a human being the rest of the damn time. At only 27, he’s clinched a job as the director to one of NYC's top chamber choirs, and while he rules with an iron fist, there’s not a whole lot to be said about his “elegance” outside of work. He drinks, barely sleeps, can’t put down a cup of coffee for the life of him and swears like a sailor, though for the sake of working with mostly young adults, he tries to keep that part to a minimum. Keyword being tries.
Your character, their accompanist, is one of the only people he confides in for reasons even he won’t explain and doesn’t really seem to know to begin with. Perhaps for the fact that he doesn’t criticize his mannerisms for being a classical musician, perhaps he just likes him for no reason, or most likely, it’s something that indeed, Marcello can't yet put a name to.

-Head Chef/Sous Chef (or rather, vs.)
An great old roleplay buddy helped me come up with this one. Meet the tyrant head chef Jacques Bernard at five-star restaurant Osteria Generico (slow clap if you get the joke), fairly content with his job until the former sous chef- his girlfriend no less- passed away in a kitchen accident. Already devastated by this, he simply cannot accept the arrival of your character, a cocky over-the-top prodigy who wows his way up to being sous chef with “frankly ridiculous displays” and an attitude that everyone seems to adore, even though Jacques considers it too childish and loud for the kitchen. The only problem is...Now and then, he catches your character looking at him a certain way, and he refuses to understand why it makes him embarrassed the way it does. I don't really have much more to say about this one, besides the cute potential being off the charts. I got a thing for rivalry to romance. Sue me.

-Forever best friends who- Alright. Alright. I know it's a cliche, just hear me out
Had another good pal help me out with this one. We've all heard the story; they were best friends growing up, probably grew apart and some point and got back together, blah blah blah and scene. Not this time! Let's take that sweet, sweet fluff and throw a little anguish in the mix.
This time, we've got best friends practically from birth, happy as could be until tragedy rears its ugly head. Traumatized by an event faced together in childhood, the two find they only have each other in this world, but struggle to keep even themselves afloat. And with one falling victim to addiction and depression, the clock is ticking to find help and change things for the better, even if it means leaving the bubble they've created for just the two of them.

-Ye Olde Nerd/"Bully"

Labels are unpredictable. An immigrant during the 80's, Jesse Pavlis is happy to take the "bully" title among everything else he could be called through the endless months of senior year. Although he's never so much as killed a spider, his quiet disposition and brooding aura has branded him the "don't mess with that guy" student, and after years of accepting all the talk that couldn't be vanquished, he's had it. He thinks he's had it, until your character shows him an unexpected compassion as well as the other side of the coin; what it's like to be seen as weak and mousy, when he actually does have a lot to say.

And there you have it! Hopefully one of those might strike your fancy :) I'd like to go ahead and warn of a few things I absolutely don't want, if you would be so kind as to let me know yourself about your own boundaries.

-No rape/abuse/etc. within the pairing. Past experiences, antagonist characters, etc. are perfectly okay by me, but absolutely none within the pairing itself, as none of my characters would even tolerate, much less do that in the first place.

-No underage or taboo for a reason relationships. This would mean incest, pedophilia, and characters that, in the given circumstance, can't legally consent. Jesse Pavlis is 18, and while I'm happy to hear your alternative ideas for any offered plots, he will only be involved with a peer.

-Over the top kinks. Vore, gore, four score and twenty years ago- I can't do it. At least not as a kink. You can bet I'll do injury, but I draw the line at your character getting all hot n' bothered by my character's guts.

-Posts under a paragraph. Please, take a break if you're tired or busy! If you're not able to sit down and write but still want to engage, I'd be happy to go back and forth with headcannons or barrage you with terrible memes replaced by our characters all day long. Never feel obligated to be on when I'm on or match how many replies I send in a day, as long as each post is thought out and of enough length to move the story forward with.

That's about all I got. If there's still something you're unsure about, ask away. You can contact me any time at kuratsuo.jordan@gmail.com (I've been told once or twice that I haven't gotten an e-mail from someone, so if I don't respond back after two days or so, try jordan_linderer@yahoo.com)

Ciao ciao!

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Rp maybe? [Mar. 31st, 2018|12:04 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Hello! I'm looking to get a few more rps going possibly.

I have way more likes/willing to try than dislikes. The few big no nos for me are, pedophilia, bathroom stuff, and anything with centipedes (I just don't like them). I am likely missing things as it's been a few years since I've done one of these up.

Everything else I am like willing to try, but we could talk more about that if you like. I have been rping for more than 10 years, I'm in my late 20s, and really enjoy multiply stories/characters in a rp. I also only do OC rps, taking elements from fandom would be fine, but I rather build a world/story together. Oh, and I rp pretty much everything in terms of seke, uke and seme. I can do the whole 9 yards with that! But if we do have several characters in a story I don't want to be stuck playing just one roll. I would like to avoid that at all cost.

Now that we got that out of the way, I am interested in doing a rp based around witches (Male witches mainly, if you wanted female characters I won't say no). So this could be an entire world that is magical, or could be a sort of harry potter thing where some people are gifted some aren't sort of deal. Either is fine. That's sort of the basic idea I have and we can come up with anything else after that together.

I am also open for other rp's just send me a message and we can see what we can work out! Want some more drama, want something dark? Creepy? Really I am up for all sorts of ideas, i just have witch themed one really going right now.

With that said you can send me a message here! - theyaoirper@gmail.com
Willing to use docs/gmail/and possible skype.
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Roleplay/Writing Partner Search For Yaoi (or MxM)! [Mar. 26th, 2018|01:11 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

[mood |blankblank]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Craving some drama ! [Mar. 19th, 2018|12:15 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Hi ! You can call me Aku. I’m 18 and live in France (so my timezone is CET, for those who might be bothered by the time difference)
What I’m looking for : I’m craving for dark, angsty and drama roleplays with romance, in either modern, modern fantasy or dystopian worlds (I probably forgot some settings so you can ask me if you have anything in mind). For the romance I can play any gender and any type of relationship even if I usually play MxM. Smut can be involved and I enjoy it when it's not vanilla but I’m totally fine with not doing any, I don't mind fading to black (and tell me about your kinks as well, we might have some in common~) I roleplay mostly OCs but if you like Dramatical Murder or No.6, tell me ! I’d love to play any character of this game/anime with you !
I’d like to be relaxed with roleplays : I replay when I want/have the time and we can have an open discussion about the plot. I also need you to have a decent grammar and spelling, nothing too literate, I just need to understand you~
Fandoms or original : I mostly do original but here are some fandoms I'd like to rp : Bnha/Mha, DMMd, No.6
Style : PLEASE READ THIS : I only do semi-para and one-liners, never more ! You can write as much as you want of course, but don’t ask me to write more, I won’t. I write in past tense and third person.
Don’t be afraid of sending me a message to ask me for more infos ! We can RP through skype and Kik.
Kik : AkumaMusume
Skype : live:roxanekolt
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Looking to build a story [Mar. 3rd, 2018|12:14 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Jammie Buttonz
Facts about me

  • My name is Jay

  • I am 20 years old

  • I live in UK but English is not my first language

  • I have been roleplaying for as long as I was on the internet (So around 12 years)

  • I love creative writing

  • Almost all of my characters (of consequence) are in some way a part of the LGBT group

My roleplays are not to live out fantasy but to release the need to write. Having a partner to build a story with keeps me on my toes and motivated to carry on the story. I hope to be able to create an original world or universe with my partner where we can build on several characters and stories. This time I am obviously interested in a M/M story, with a slow(ish) build.

That being said - here are some things I am not looking for -

  • Someone who is hellbent on having smut in a story where the context dosen't apply

  • Someone who is not flexible on sexual roles of their characters

  • Fandom parings (Only looking to play OC's though settings from fandoms can be borrowed given no characters from the universe are played)

  • Someone who is only interested in their OC and not the universe itself

Please contact me on my gmail - lunjaen@gmail.com
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Looking for a new parter [Feb. 15th, 2018|12:30 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

My name is Erin, I'm in my twenties and have been role-playing for 12+ years.

I am currently looking for someone to play against my favourite character to play, my Izzy. Izzy really isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I can understand and respect that.

I'm going to show you three different lines segments that i have done in the past with others to give you some ideas of how he is. There is also a character sheet that I made for a line that never got off the ground.

Line One: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1op8Df3iMoAynyjIBnuWpZ4Q9OpzQJVjAuC1qkLoADaA/edit?usp=drivesdk

Line Two: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I9n6SH3c9Uc3XuobQEC-iqwmGCiuxVfMeSe4xJxhvKs/edit?usp=drivesdk

Line Three: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tiRE8nov6qV4dY5gihbaqUrZdxSh51_BCAtSmYLZs88/edit?usp=drivesdk

Line Four: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yj8C0oM3uDGkL0x30KV0IHDW_cN6Hm9RgqKfpYIgyTk/edit?usp=drivesdk

Letting you read about my character through the posts leads to something else, there are also three examples of my writing there now too. I do not need you to be able write a novel with each post, but a good couple of paragraphs would be nice.

With the themes of my roleplay I do require my partner to be at least 18. Don't need to get in any trouble.

I only like playing through either Google Docs or E-mail.

I am quite often quite mean to my own characters, I enjoy mean/abusive RPs, abusing my own character making them a drug addict or something of the like. But that does not mean that is all I do. I also like some happy, romantic shit if that's what you're into.

I like supernatural RPs, meaning wizard's, powers, vampires, werewolves, ect. When i give Izzy any supernatural blood he's usually a fae. The closest example I can give to what my dad are like is True Blood. I had based my original fae off them forever and a day ago and slowly made them more of my own.

I also like slice of life, dangerous life, gangs or mobs, or high school for another few examples of some of my favourites.

Things that will turn me off of a line pretty damn quickly if not Instantly are furries, toilet play, and pure fluff- because I need me some drama.

Anything else you want to know go right ahead and ask.

Contact Me:

e-mail: tomishaped@gmail.com
tumblr: TomiShaped
google docs: tomishaped@gmail.com
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