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Original Character Yaoi RP

Kinda like D&D- only everyone is gay...

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Original Character Yaoi Role Play
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This is an Original Character Roleplay, with a fantasy setting. The time period is in the distant future, but the surroundings are set back to a more medieval design. This means that things can go either way. Far into the past, or extremely advanced. It's really your choice. Though the tavern we're in is more archaic.

This is the spawn of the original community- and as children are often expected to do what their parents didn't- this RP will be much more strict. Not to an unpleasant degree- but we want things to flow and go well. So make sure you read and follow the rules and it'll be smoothe sailing from here.

Post your character bio, then we'll get started.

One thing you must know. This is a YAOI ROLEPLAY. That means, plenty of guys kissing, loving, touching or having sex with OTHER GUYS. You don't like that, then go away.

A few quick rules:

* do not try to overwrite what others do or say

* don't be derogatory

* post regularly. If you join and wait a month to post again without giving me a reason I will remove you from the community. But you can always rejoin later when you have more time.

* remember to remove your character from the room when you go offline. Have him sleep or leave, but don't leave him there or he'll just be sitting.

* when you post, make sure to include your characters name in the subject bar

* roll with the punches. If someone says something happened, don't act like it didn't. Likewise- don't push things in your direction all the time.

* if spelling is difficult for you, use spell check. And try to make sure you use proper punctuation. Avoid huge run on sentences.

* be nice. We're all friends here. ^_^

There is no age limit, but any content is ok as long as it isn't bashing or derogatory. Just so you know, there CAN and very well MAY be any of the following:


If you want to kill someone, it must be over a period of time. You can't just walk in and blow them away. And it has to be for a good reason that goes with the story. Though hopefully there won't be much killing, ne?

Also rape- if someone is pushing in that direction and you don't want it, make it obvious. If the person isn't getting the hint- you can flat out tell them you don't want to take it there. Remember, comment pages are there for a reason.

So let's get started and have lots and lots of fun. Hehe. ^_^

Here is a form to use when filling out your info. Try to go by these guide lines:


Then after the character profile- I'd like you to inculde your contact information- AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc- though AIM seems to be the messenger of choice, and if you can get that one I highly suggest it.

Back to the profile- remember, you're abilities must be made clear and you can't go over your own limit. And just so you know, you can't be unbeatable. You must have weaknesses, and you must not be able to take over others completely. Ok?

So now that that's out of the way- we can start.

If you need to contact me, you can find me on:

AIM: shonenaicandy


email me at: rabid_yaoi_fangirl@peoplepc.com

or Kat

aim: keitwinsoul

email: katra8@hotmail.com

Thanks for joining and hope you have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will post all character profiles in the MEMORIES section. If you click there, you'll have access to all of the bios. Thank you.

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