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Seeking OC Yaoi RP partner! [Dec. 30th, 2016|12:02 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

My name is Tammy, I'm 24 years old and have been RPing since 2009. I am looking for a long-term RP partner to role-play in a multiple paragraph format, featuring detailed characters and interesting plots. I look for the following things in an RP: a detailed plot that is planned out to go on for a long time, tension between characters, and, of course, detailed and explicit sex scenes (18+ only).

Genres: I enjoy modern fantasy and slice of life RPs, and have had many successful RPs in the following genres-
High School Gay x Bully
Vampire x Hunter
Gang Leader x Undercover Cop
And I am open and willing to hear any plot ideas you have in mind to try!

Top or Bottom: I am fully willing and capable of playing both top and bottom- the plot should be large and detailed enough to give us both the opportunity to play both, or feature characters that take on both positions in turn.

Likes: pretty standard- bondage, etc.
Dislikes: again, standard- incest, watersports and anything escalating from there.

Availability: I am extremely attentive to RP, and will post very frequently, which means several times a day whenever I get free time.

Format: I RP by email so that I can RP on the go on my phone, but even on my phone I will give a long and detailed response.

Time Zone: I am originally from England, but I currently live in Japan. I am teaching English here until September, and so will be in Japan time zone until then. This usually works out, however, wherever you are in the world, because of the frequency with which I reply.

Please contact me here : secretswannie@hotmail.co.uk

Please let me know of any questions you have, I'll be happy to answer!

Thank you,

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Looking for long term partners [Dec. 27th, 2016|04:35 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Hello there,

I'm in search of someone who would like to try some slice of life or modern fantasy M/M stuff.

I am a very detailed writer who likes creating worlds around my characters. I am a sucker for stories with substance, characters with interesting backgrounds, plots with more than just the two main characters in them.

I like exploring and experimenting, so my characters have jobs and lives of their own. They have defects and virtues. They develop new relationship as well as bring some baggage of their own.

Smut is a must, but don't worry, I make my plots interesting so they won't be just about sex, but really, isn't good written smut awesome?

I'm only looking for people who like to commit to long replies and who would not be bored reading a five paragraph reply, or even more if it's a starter. I love getting to know little details about my partner's characters, so I offer the same.

I am partially open to kinks, but I'd rather discuss them directly with you.

Please be 21+. I'm 30+ so I want to connect with someone who can write well developed characters and who will not shy away from explicit sex.

For my contact info, please write to maxrogue@gmail.com

I prefer Skype for RP, but can commit to email or Kik.
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Currently seeking roleplaying partners :3 [Dec. 26th, 2016|10:07 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
I do single to multiple paragraph posts and I do try to include a lot of detail and personal thoughts from my character. I would like the same to come from my partner. I'm not a grammar natzi, mistakes are common and as long as I can understand the posts then I'm fine; I will make grammar errors from time to time as well. I do have a full time job, my shifts get crazy. I can promise one response a day (and plenty more if work isn't crazy busy). I know how busy life gets so no worries on how fast you can respond, but once a day (or every other day) would be great and hopefully not too much to ask for.

With that being said, I know this is for ORIGINAL yaoi characters but I want to share a list of plots that I have been wanting to try (because hey who knows, somebody else might want to try them):
1) Big Hero 6 : Hiro Himada and Tadashi Himada
2) Naruto: Rock Lee and Gaara, Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi with either Naruto or Sasuke (Or any of the male characters, depending on which ones they are. Sasuke and Itaachi perhaps?)
3) Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta and Goku or any of the male DBZ characters
4)Yu Yu Hakusho: Any of the male characters (the main 4)
5) Harry Potter: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy or Ronald Weasly
6) Peaky Blinders: Any of the brothers, they don't have to be paired with one another, I really like the storyline/time period / plot in this one.

OKAY! Those are just some ideas I'd really like to try but not a must. Now, I don't have a list of characters ready-to-go, I prefer to discuss the plot and characters first. This way I can mold my character and look for a picture to fit the storyline. If you have ideas, throw them at me and we can make them work.

Some themes I really like: Post apocalyptic (like Walking Dead, or 28 days later, or Book of Eli themed), Forbidden love themes (married man or men, family members (father x son, uncle x nephew, cousins, brother x brother), Opportunistic themes (this one is open for debate, similar to black mail, maybe taking advantage of a drunken/drug situation, or something embarrassing, etc), futuristic themes (artificial intelligence and all that good stuff that comes with it), bestiality themes (dogs preferable, can discuss others).

The themes I listed include most of my favorite kinks. I roleplay as both seme & uke, I like to switch it up. I'd like my rp partner to be the same but it's not an absolute requirement. I do enjoy having smut involved but it's not going to be the main focus of the roleplay. I enjoy a good detailed story, sexual tension, building up to the point before shit hits the fan (kidding). If you have any kinks that I haven't listed, feel free to ask. I'm open to just about anything (MOSTLY...depends).

I only do email roleplay BUT I have been seriously considering facebook, because I'm on it more often but I'm still thinking about that one.... Anywho my email is: aj_ramos09@yahoo.com

Looking forward to starting a few new stories / roleplays :) Just include that you're responding to roleplaying ad, and we can go from there. Happy holidays everyone.
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Loking for a long term yaoi rp partner via kik [Dec. 23rd, 2016|08:07 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
I've been doing yaoi roleplay for a few years now and need a partner for it on kik. I'm fine with pretty much everything and does M/M with OCs.
I often do uke but I can also do seme. I go along with everything apart from bara, furry and rape or stuff along those lines but either way I'd be glad to roleplay
Kik- yukinojo
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OC M/M Over Email and Messenger [Dec. 18th, 2016|11:06 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

1. I really like 3rd person POV rapid fire, short response roleplaying. Although I'm free all the time, I don't like being overrun with unimportant details and I get excited for replies. If you're on a lot of the time, that's a plus. If you reply all the time, that's an even bigger plus.

2. If you're not interested, please tell me. If you just drop or you're offensive, I tend to block. It's common courtesy to just communicate.

3. OC M/M, slice of life only. I don't feel interested in anything else. Also, please double, at the very least.

4. I need someone who plays tops and bottoms. I can't have someone who is mopey or whiny all the time either. Make it realistic.

5. I cannot roleplay with you if you're under 18. I require smut and other adult themes. I'm not getting in trouble over someone who is underaged.

I will only do email if it's rapid-fire.
Skype: KeinLosFahMeyye (~ColourOfPanic)
Aim: jesusofsuburbia12@outlook.com
Y!M: zrhymes15@yahoo.com
Email: 96ingunicorns@gmail.com
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Yaoi + Roleplay = Heart [Dec. 15th, 2016|04:48 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Good evening lovelies. I am creating this blog, journal, or whatever one calls an online diary entry for the sole purpose of baiting some role play partners... yaoi role play partners.

I'll make this short and simple. I am not a fast pace, multi-page replier. I'm busy in life which may whisk me away for a week, two, or more. Sadly I can go up to a month without a reply. HOWEVER on my down weeks I reply often and steadily. I will give you heads up. So I'd like a rp partner who understands the business of L-I-F-E.

I am between ages 35-40... I do ask my roleplayer to be 18+. I enjoy mature themes. If my age does not settle well, please don't send me a message (or email). I have had partners of all ages and all walks of life, we all seem to get along well. I'd like to think I'm easy going.

My typical post is an average of 1-5 paragraphs, sometimes thick paragraphs depending one what we're writing. I rather not have a partner who just rewrites what I write to make a post seem longer or throw me a single sentence or two to work off of. I like substance.

I roleplay yaoi mostly, straight couples are welcome. I do and I do expect my partner to write both uke and seme roles. I'm not a fan of this 'seke' world. Please don't expect me to create one. I like strict ukes and semes. Personality wise, I don't mind which bares which. I juggle multiple characters. Please be able to do the same. Worlds, time eras, races, extra body parts, absent sexual organs, mpreg, there really isn't anything I haven't rped yet, so I'm good with anything as long as characters are fun.

Now that we have that out of the way, read carefully. It is nice and short. The only thing I'll add is out of character chat is fine. I like brainstorming. Light talk about ourselves even. HOWEVER I do not deal with messenger, because some partners take advantage of spamming me messages or bugging me about replies or personal issues. Because of this, I am strictly an email role player. I don't mind some of these word programs like gdocs, but email is my preference.

Can contact me at boxofdots@yahoo.com

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Rp please [Dec. 13th, 2016|03:54 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Hello Hello

Hey there!
My name is Adarii, but please call me Honey ^^. I have six plus years of experiance in rping (Yaoi and Hetero). I do enjoy a good yaoi manga once in a while, helps me create new charecters... Off topic i know. But I am looking for long term or short term partners. Not too much though. Two or four will do nicely.

I do originals only. Genres can include horror, psychological, fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi, futuristic, historic. My favorites are supernatural and horror, but U don't mind doing others.
I can write from 5 sentences to several paragraphs. I mostly do uke, but I also seme as well. I do omegaverse and mpreg too~ 😁

Some pairings I could think of:
Vampire x Werewolf/human/hunter
Alien x another race or alien
Warlock/wizard x familiar
Ex x Ex
Friend x friend
Best friend x best friend's younger or older sibling
Killer x victim or another criminal
Stalker x victim
Neko x human
Made up race x another race
Shape shifters in an animal kind of world

-No one liners
-No text talk unless texting
-Email or Hangouts (for the rp)
Be OK with the xxx
-If you get bored just tell me and don't leave me hanging
-Don't pressure or nag me to reply please. I get busy sometimes
-Have ideas as well.
- Be 18+

My Yes list:
Feminine semes
Short semes
Tall semes
All types of semes
Tough ukes
Smart mouthed ukes
Rebel ukes
Force/ non-con

My no list:
Anything with toilet play
Whimpy chars that constanly need help
Controlling my charas
Gary sues

Contact me @:
Email: SomberHoney@gmail.com
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Seke looking for seke/seme. [Dec. 6th, 2016|02:25 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Hello, I'm old so don't worry I'm above your age barrier. I've been rping for the better part of a long time (16 years haha, almost like when the internet was invented right?) I played a seme for the first I dunno 10 years, and I'm going to be blunt - I'm just freaking bored with it.

Now that is out of the way down to business. I rp 3rd person para, I average 5-9 paragraphs. That doesn't mean -you- have to do 5, but give me something to work with. I know we're not always going to have 10 epic paragraphs of things to say, but I like if we try and hit the description levels that keep us both interested. I also really like world building, and side character development. I'm not opposed to playing many characters to make things interesting!

I have a list of plots. I don't post them here, I post them on a forum I use to hunt down rpers. If you want my plots thats cool, just ask me for them. I do prefer dark fantasy plots, like... boarderline most people arentokwiththis dark.... But they don't have to get that dark, like everyone else I like some fluffy things too.

Currently? I'm in the mood for a holiday type thing. I don't have a plot for 'holiday type thing' beyond that - so if you've got an idea that'd be great!
Also, a lot (like 95%) of the active rps I do are my plot ideas... I know, sad isn't it? Since thats the case I'm really interested in playing someone else's plot! Do you have an idea?! Lemme at it!

My mode of rp:
Discord: MoriH#7829
Skype: batman.the.spifftastic
Yaoi Otaku Forum: Contact for account name.
(if you really want we can email, but I'm bad at checking that so you can't be mad if it takes time.) psychos_number_21121@yahoo.com
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Searching for Semes! [Nov. 26th, 2016|06:01 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Matthew Williams
Hello there, Friends!

I am 21 years old and am looking for a long term rp partner.
Uke or seme? Uke, but I am willing to try being seme. No I won't be seke. Not really my personality. Update! I refuse to be seme because i have been seme enough on omegle.com, I want a change of pace.

I have a few dislikes:
-No pee, poop, or bathroom stuffs (just ew!)
-No rape implied or otherwise. (I had a bad experience in highscool)
-No self harm implied or otherwise. (I recently lost a dear friend because they cut too deep.)
-No abuse. (Seeing as I am playing a rather gentle character I don't think they should be getting beat on or verbally put down... do you?)
-Absolutely No Highschool Au's (I just don't really care much for them.)
-No BDSM. (I just don't like it. And no you won't get me to compromise)
-No gore. (I don't really like dark stuff... unless it is a color or clothing XD)
No furries unless it is either a wolf or a cat.

Other than the list above anything goes kink-wise.

Rp info
I am willing to do the following Anime universes:
-Black Butler
-Hetalia (OC's (unless it is a child born from the uke or adopted) and nyo's are just no... ew.)
-Wolf's rain
I can be talked into others universes as long as I have seen them.

Original ships are as follows:

Siren/ human au:
Siren(me) / Scientist to siren (you)

Dragon au

Kuroshitsuji (aka black butler) universe:
Shota boy / Demon wolf
(Willing to talk idea's)

DenNor (please keep in mind that abuse is a no go)

The best way to contact me is either through my skype or my kik. That is the only two options seeing as I am rarely on my email anymore but in case you want email I will leav it here.

Email: hetalianrose@aol.com
Skype: maple9520
Kik: canadianmaple3 (preferred but skype is easy too.)
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Top seme wanting gay, queer, straight pairings! [Nov. 24th, 2016|10:18 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
[mood |okayokay]

I’m a male (mostly top) roleplay who’d like literate partners comfortable with smut and affection in their roleplays (be it an original story or something out of a fandom (Yuri on Ice especially).  My roleplays are in a first person script format, so if you’re okay with that, feel free to keep reading and hopefully you’ll like what I’ve got.
For original characters, I’m not terribly creative.  Most of the time I’ll use a version of myself.  I go for situations with my human character against something not human, whether furry or feathery, scaley, or demon-y.  If it’s not something like that - say it’s a mundane modern setting with two human guys, I’ll usually require there to be significant shared interests - anime, video games, nerdy stuff like that.  I do some straight stuff as well, but only if you're into that kind of thing.
For fandoms, a lot depends on what you’re looking for.  I’m limited when it comes to pairings in the shows that I like but feel free to ask, more often than not I can try to wing it.  I love stuff like Sonic and Kuroshitsuji and I really am into Victuuri in Yuri on Ice (I would love to be either of them!).  I like other shows like Pokemon and Free!, but with those I have very limited pairings.  If all else fails, though, I’d love to try something where you get a fandom character you’re crushing over if I end up getting to be someone I want in a separate roleplay afterward.  It’s glorious fun to see a partner getting a wish fulfilled.
Kink-wise I’m into degrading language, namecalling, realistic/chubby bodies, clinical language, and a bunch of other things.  Considering how smut-centric this is, you need to be at least eighteen if you want to contact me.  Other than that, if you’re literate, appreciate punctuation (especially aprostrophes!), you enjoy intimacy (even OOC banter!), and don’t mind plenty of <3 emotes we should get along great!
To find me, I only roleplay on messengers: Skype ( moustache.cashstash , under Mordecai B ), AIM ( fivemonthsoff ), and google hangouts (PM me for the address).  Hope to talk soon and take care!
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