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Seeking OC Yaoi RP partner! [Dec. 30th, 2016|12:02 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

My name is Tammy, I'm 24 years old and have been RPing since 2009. I am looking for a long-term RP partner to role-play in a multiple paragraph format, featuring detailed characters and interesting plots. I look for the following things in an RP: a detailed plot that is planned out to go on for a long time, tension between characters, and, of course, detailed and explicit sex scenes (18+ only).

Genres: I enjoy modern fantasy and slice of life RPs, and have had many successful RPs in the following genres-
High School Gay x Bully
Vampire x Hunter
Gang Leader x Undercover Cop
And I am open and willing to hear any plot ideas you have in mind to try!

Top or Bottom: I am fully willing and capable of playing both top and bottom- the plot should be large and detailed enough to give us both the opportunity to play both, or feature characters that take on both positions in turn.

Likes: pretty standard- bondage, etc.
Dislikes: again, standard- incest, watersports and anything escalating from there.

Availability: I am extremely attentive to RP, and will post very frequently, which means several times a day whenever I get free time.

Format: I RP by email so that I can RP on the go on my phone, but even on my phone I will give a long and detailed response.

Time Zone: I am originally from England, but I currently live in Japan. I am teaching English here until September, and so will be in Japan time zone until then. This usually works out, however, wherever you are in the world, because of the frequency with which I reply.

Please contact me here : secretswannie@hotmail.co.uk

Please let me know of any questions you have, I'll be happy to answer!

Thank you,