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Looking for long term partners [Dec. 27th, 2016|04:35 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Hello there,

I'm in search of someone who would like to try some slice of life or modern fantasy M/M stuff.

I am a very detailed writer who likes creating worlds around my characters. I am a sucker for stories with substance, characters with interesting backgrounds, plots with more than just the two main characters in them.

I like exploring and experimenting, so my characters have jobs and lives of their own. They have defects and virtues. They develop new relationship as well as bring some baggage of their own.

Smut is a must, but don't worry, I make my plots interesting so they won't be just about sex, but really, isn't good written smut awesome?

I'm only looking for people who like to commit to long replies and who would not be bored reading a five paragraph reply, or even more if it's a starter. I love getting to know little details about my partner's characters, so I offer the same.

I am partially open to kinks, but I'd rather discuss them directly with you.

Please be 21+. I'm 30+ so I want to connect with someone who can write well developed characters and who will not shy away from explicit sex.

For my contact info, please write to maxrogue@gmail.com

I prefer Skype for RP, but can commit to email or Kik.