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Currently seeking roleplaying partners :3 [Dec. 26th, 2016|10:07 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
I do single to multiple paragraph posts and I do try to include a lot of detail and personal thoughts from my character. I would like the same to come from my partner. I'm not a grammar natzi, mistakes are common and as long as I can understand the posts then I'm fine; I will make grammar errors from time to time as well. I do have a full time job, my shifts get crazy. I can promise one response a day (and plenty more if work isn't crazy busy). I know how busy life gets so no worries on how fast you can respond, but once a day (or every other day) would be great and hopefully not too much to ask for.

With that being said, I know this is for ORIGINAL yaoi characters but I want to share a list of plots that I have been wanting to try (because hey who knows, somebody else might want to try them):
1) Big Hero 6 : Hiro Himada and Tadashi Himada
2) Naruto: Rock Lee and Gaara, Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi with either Naruto or Sasuke (Or any of the male characters, depending on which ones they are. Sasuke and Itaachi perhaps?)
3) Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta and Goku or any of the male DBZ characters
4)Yu Yu Hakusho: Any of the male characters (the main 4)
5) Harry Potter: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy or Ronald Weasly
6) Peaky Blinders: Any of the brothers, they don't have to be paired with one another, I really like the storyline/time period / plot in this one.

OKAY! Those are just some ideas I'd really like to try but not a must. Now, I don't have a list of characters ready-to-go, I prefer to discuss the plot and characters first. This way I can mold my character and look for a picture to fit the storyline. If you have ideas, throw them at me and we can make them work.

Some themes I really like: Post apocalyptic (like Walking Dead, or 28 days later, or Book of Eli themed), Forbidden love themes (married man or men, family members (father x son, uncle x nephew, cousins, brother x brother), Opportunistic themes (this one is open for debate, similar to black mail, maybe taking advantage of a drunken/drug situation, or something embarrassing, etc), futuristic themes (artificial intelligence and all that good stuff that comes with it), bestiality themes (dogs preferable, can discuss others).

The themes I listed include most of my favorite kinks. I roleplay as both seme & uke, I like to switch it up. I'd like my rp partner to be the same but it's not an absolute requirement. I do enjoy having smut involved but it's not going to be the main focus of the roleplay. I enjoy a good detailed story, sexual tension, building up to the point before shit hits the fan (kidding). If you have any kinks that I haven't listed, feel free to ask. I'm open to just about anything (MOSTLY...depends).

I only do email roleplay BUT I have been seriously considering facebook, because I'm on it more often but I'm still thinking about that one.... Anywho my email is: aj_ramos09@yahoo.com

Looking forward to starting a few new stories / roleplays :) Just include that you're responding to roleplaying ad, and we can go from there. Happy holidays everyone.