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Original M/M RP Search [Apr. 23rd, 2017|07:42 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Alright so I’m going to post an ad. Hello there, if you can’t tell by the title I am looking for someone who’d like to do an original M/M, mostly looking for a detective. Anyways I am over 21 and have been so for at least going on two years, and have PST time.

Some rules, they’ll be possibly painless

1.) I’m email based, please don’t ask me if I use another place to roleplay, Hangouts is good for if you want to just chat or ask something that is confusing in my reply or clarify something like ‘what season are they in?’ Or use it to plot a roleplay out.

2.) A paragraph at the least or more is needed. So about 5-7 sentences for a paragraph. I write about two-three as an average, for those looking for more in the 5 paragraph range I can do that as well. No oneliners, its fine if once and a while your replies are shorter as we do get busy. I roleplay in third person paragraph no script, first or second(this one is seriously creepy) person.

3.) Be at least 18+ if you are looking for smut somewhere in the future of the roleplay.

4.) Limits: Rape(if it’s part of the bio, fine but within the actual roleplay? No.), watersports/Scat, generally most things disliked in a roleplay. Incest is fine if that is what you want, I do like mpreg if that is your limit do tell me. I’m a switch, I go either top, bottom or both. I have no issues normally with any of these.

5.) Reply wise, take your time. Life comes first. Please understand the concept of life if you are going to email me. My life sometimes gets crazy, I will let you know if I can’t reply for a few days normally should something come up. If you plan to quit let me know, don’t leave me abandoned wondering in this cold space called the internet. I reply about once a day when I have time, if I don’t you’ll get one the next day.

6.) Don’t put ‘Hey wanna roleplay?’ as subject. It’s boring, put a joke or well something amusing even the last song you listened to. Heck put something to do with plotbunnies, maybe it may get rid of a few. I tried doing this but I still have them running amuck on my laptop.

Okay the fun part that isn’t rules.


Currently I’m just looking for a Detective x Thief roleplay, mainly a detective. You may suggest others if you want.
The main plot to it is normally the detective is looking for a real challenge, someone to match wits with. He has never found anyone close to doing so with him until he arrogantly thinks he’ll catch a thief easily that the department has been having issues trying to corner/find. However for the first time he’s actually against someone who thinks ahead of him, and manages to get away though upset(everyone else around him would be stunned he got to close compared to what normally happens) he decides to chase after the thief. Maybe within this desire to catch the other he hasn’t noticed he is matching his wits against someone for once, even though annoyed the thief got away he feels oddly happy?

Another for this pairing would be the detective and thief are roommates for whatever reason college, easier to pay for the place, or whatever. The detective doesn’t really know the other is a thief, if he is trying to catch the other it’s up to you. Plot can be farther discussed in a reply.

Email: fujoshi1412@gmail.com

Hi all.~ [Apr. 22nd, 2017|06:51 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

I posted here awhile back and had luck, so I decided to try again.

What I'm looking for -
• Long term partner
• OC rp
• Someone who can reply often. I completely understand if things come up though. Just tell me if you're busy.~
• Someone who can switch up positions (Sekes)
• Someone who enjoys darker themes
• And finally, someone who is willing to be friends. I'm a bit shy at first, but I enjoy talking to the people I Rp with

Rules -
• Must be at least semi-lit
• Write in third person
• No text talk unless OOC
• Don't control my character
• Please be at least 17 ( I'm 21 )
• Be willing to play more than one character

What I enjoy in an Rp -
A good plot that takes it's time building up. I like finding out more about the characters as the story goes along. And I of course love smut, but I don't like rushing to it right away.

Few favorite kinks -
• Dirty talk
• Mpreg
• Incest
• Jealous characters
• Age gaps

What I won't do -
• Bathroom play
• Anything to do with animals

Some other info about me is that I'm laid back and am willing to hear any ideas you may have for the plot. If you want to add something at anytime it's a 99% chance I'll be more than happy to add it.

Pairings\ Plot I'd like to do -
Father x son
Brother x brother
Demon x human
Gang member x good kid

As for the plot I thought maybe doing one where it takes place in a zombie apocalypse. I have only done it once, but I thought it would be fun to do again, but of course we don't have to do this at all. I'm completely open to hearing any plot ideas you may have. I'm open to hearing other pairings as well.

Ways to contact me -
Skype: xsasukehx
Email: Deidara.sasuke@ymail.com

You can email me to find out my kik and Tumblr if you rather rp on one of them. I prefer using Skype or even Tumblr is fine.

Thanks for reading.~ Hope to find some new partners. ^^
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~* Yaoi Role-Play [Apr. 9th, 2017|10:37 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

[mood |goodgood]

I apologize if I may come off aggressive or too demanding in this request. I’m really only putting all my cards out for there to be no misconception. For a long while, searching for a partner, I’ve experienced a variety of things from my times role-playing. Meaning that most of the rules I list and what I suggest are likely from the past – wanting to cut to the chase to avoid anything I may have not addressed. But don’t fear! I am not a rude person – just taking necessary precautions and such. We both want to enjoy our RP, right? We don’t want to suddenly have second thoughts because there was some miscommunication. :)

A bit about me:
To be brief, I’m 20, working part-time and going to college, so you can expect that I’ll be busy some times. I try to get back, but understand that I can have trouble doing so. I’ve been role-playing for 9+ years and I’m very lax and nice to get along with! Despite what I said above, it truly is about getting to the point; that my time won’t be wasted (as yours won’t, too) and we both know what we’re getting into when coming to role-play together.

I role-play 3rd person, past tense (fairly decent length). NO first person, script, ETC.

Ukes ARE NOT permitted. Sekes and semes only (most of my OCs are sekes), unless you choose the first RP idea underneath the lines below to which there's a catch.

If you choose from my list of kinks that includes harems and polyamory, for that I was thinking I could have two or more people role-play with me over on Kik or Quotev (which I prefer this one because I believe Kik isn't accessible in certain countries) in a group chat. You can role-play one or more OCs if you'd like. OR if you don't want either of those kinks and we do end up have two people (or just two for that matter who'd like to play more than one OC) we can still group chat together.

What kind of genres I look for vary with whatever plot we’ve come to agree with. Down below I have a few RP ideas with brief summaries that I’d like to do. Romance is something I definitely want to be a part of it with smut and fluff. However, if you're not okay with smut in certain aspects, such as not wanting to get into full detail when things get taken far, we can fade out to a time we agree on. Or, if you just want to do a fluff-filled role-play with no smut, that's fine, too, and don't mind the kinks listed towards the bottom.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Omegaverse Idea.
This is the only idea where a uke is acceptable. BUT here’s the catch – if you want to role-play this, we’ll have two separate messages – two role-plays going on at the same time. For instance, if you wanted to take the role of a beta with my alpha, there’d be another RP off to the side where another pair of our OCs are playing a reverse or different role in the omega, beta, alpha chain. Any of them can go together if you wanted to try something new: Alpha x omega, alpha x beta, alpha x alpha, beta x omega, beta x beta, omega x omega. You choose your part. . Both of us can say what we want, how we want in one of our split messages. Now, as I’ve noticed, as well, our view of a omegaverse may diverse. So, that’s why it may be good to have another RP on the side. Though, I wanted to make sure neither of us was feeling left out or bored with our roles. When you reply to me over to the addressed account, I can explain to you my views on how the omegaverse have typically been vision or how we do, then, if we wanted to spice things up by whether or not our OCs are humans, it can change or alter a bit to our liking~.

Pokémon Idea.
This one seems interesting to me. We can have our own Pokémon world in a AU or we can go along with the canon world. But be forewarned that I stopped watching the series up until a little past X & Y premiered (it didn't seem all that interesting personally). I've watched all the episodes and movies up until that point. Now, that's not to say the new Pokémon that Nintendo distributed aren't attainable. They can, most certainly, still exist. It's just the regions are what I'm not familiar with. Our OCs can have whatever occupation you want them to have: Pokémon trainer, gym leader, breeder, researcher, doctor, professor, teacher, ranger, coordinator, nurse, officer, league champion, Elite Four, part of a evil or good syndicate, poacher/hunter, ETC.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

No-nos: strict ukes, role-playing fandoms, furries, scat, vore, beastiality, necrophilia, bloody physical torture, detailed death, suicide (mentions are fine in the sense of explaining someone has passed using that method) and NO Mary Stus. Godmodding is debatable (only in the sense that if we want a certain scene to act out, we can talk and most likely have it occur).

Major no-no: If you contact me with a short "hi", "hey", "RP" or anything of the sorts, you WILL be ignored. Too many of those in the past. They all signal to me you aren't a very experienced role-player. Sorry, but I've never been wrong in my various encounters. :( Plus, adding a bit of personality in your message would help a lot!


Be an experienced role-player. I have nothing against those that are first-timers, but I do want a partner who have already dealt with some role-plays under their belt.

I’d like for our OCs to be in their teens (15 being the youngest to choose) or twenties.

Two paragraphs or more.

NO. SPAMMING. The specified time that you can re-send a reply is a week and a half to two weeks.

Don’t have my OC be the only one to make advances. He can’t be the loner one pursing and then they ‘magically’ end up together. Both must show interest. I want to see genuine and realistic interest. What makes them unique? Why/how did they end up in the other’s heart? What makes them special/different from the rest?

Stick to being in character. Do not force them to do or not to do something out of concern for your own reasons of wanting something. It’s the whole point of staying in character.

I do enjoy some blushing OCs, whether they be embarrassed or flustered, but, PLEASE, don’t overdue it. I’ve seen where OCs would blush, like, mad for no apparent reason (not even in character) for the sake of… I don’t know. It was too much that didn’t make sense.

Pleeeease, be creative? Throw something in I wasn’t expecting! I want the role-play to be adventurous. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing. I mean, like, your OC emphasizing their adoration, liking or love for my OC? That’s unexpecting! xD For real! Little things like that will easily amaze me and I enjoy the RP all the better. Diversity at its simplest, lol.


Premature ejaculation, cross-dressing, voyeurism/exhibitionism, heat/estrus, knotting/tying, m-preg, 3+ penetration, fingering, shotas, age gap (not too much of a jump, however), incest, toys, frotting, spanking, hotdogging, pleasure control/denial, threesome, tentacles, creampies, tossed salad, anilingus, rim job, rimming, role-play, snowballing, hand jobs, sheath play, oral sex, pec fuck, face fuck, sixty-nine, doggy style, discipline/reinforcement, shower intercourse, BDSM (light & extreme), dirty talk, phone sex, polyamory, harems.

Don’t see something you like up there? Consult with me! They don’t all have to be applied if you’re uncomfortable with a kink or two. Add some suggestions. I won’t ever become mad or upset by changing up scenarios, ideas or if you want to talk! I encourage it. Don’t be shy. ; u ;

I’d like a picture of your OC and basic bio of your OC (doesn’t need to be long) for a better visual and understanding of them. You can use a drawing or acquire a shot from anywhere you like.

IF you read everything, contact me at me at these:
Quotev (I prefer this site): SyndicateSylph
Kik: Seraph_Archangel
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I hope for a few good rp buddie(s) [Apr. 9th, 2017|09:17 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Time for a total redo of all my story requests and things I do want and don't want.
At least a paragraph. I want something to sink my teeth into. My grammar and spelling are not perfect, so please don't expect perfection.
Talk to me about plots and what you want as well. I can't do this by myself or it gets boring.
I am here for a good story and good smutty fun. You can have both but in balance.
Manly men only...long hair and difference races. Front of the line. Over the age of 18 at least...all l the way yup to mid-50's. (if the body is hard enough) I can play semi-hairy men to your smooth men. Don't expect mine to be like he is wearing a rug.
I am open to trying to play a were-(wolf) Other types as well.
Good romance, fluff and good times. ( I can really get into a heavy kinky/SM)
Photos...I am a visual heavy person.
One-two liners...never. No text chat
I will almost never take the skinny twinks(show me a photo of what you have in mind.) Those fem boys...NO. Just not my cup of tea.
Plots where I have to handle everything.
Too much angst and darkness.
For the love of everything...DON'T DITCH ME. I know life gets in the way, let me know what is going on if possible.

M-Preg..if the story feels right

I have many ideas. Some ideas have been created by myself, others have been dropped but the idea was so good I am keeping it. They are grouped into one of five sets and ideas can be mixed together
I play 95% top. That small 5% bottom that I play are to a power bottom.
With that being said if you want to play a vers type guy. Talk to me..I can be vers as well to some degree.
I am rather kinky but also I love good romance. The two ideas will be mixed. Ideas can be long term or short term.
I do love it when I play a younger dom to an older sub.

STORY GROUPS: A lot of the ideas have some more details plots while others have a simple plot to them...some are even PWP. My role will be in bold type if I can play either then both will be in bold type. Some will even have a little details to help you decide.

Slice of Life
-modern life

Contact me via Skype pheniox_demon
Emails.....we can talk about that later. I will rp in emails...or maybe BlueMoon
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Parnter + Friendship maybe? [Apr. 6th, 2017|12:33 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Hey! So as the title states, I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner. Though it's not completely necessary, I'd be super happy to meet someone easy going and open to chatting outside of the roleplay. Straight to business and no introductions I find to be a little bit awkward...

Anyways! So things you should know about me before you contact me. I will only roleplay with switches. I don't believe in seme/uke dynamics and find them not only incredibly dull and boring but unrealistic, sorry, my mind can't be changed on this. I also work and go to college part-time so there will be days where I may not be able to write a response. (I try not to keep anyone waiting any longer than 3 days).

Truthfully, I sometimes have days where I'm just feeling a little uninspired...and on those days I just want to converse casually with my partner (whether this be about our characters or not depends on our relationship) without being pestered for a reply every hour. :/ If you're one of these people please do not contact me. (I won't take an entire week or anything, just a day maybe? Again, 3 is the maximum amount of days I'll take)

As for writing I do 1-5 paragraphs, generally third person, but I can be swayed into first if you're nice enough. High school level is all I ask, I'm not the best writer myself but I do try my best. (I will also take my time if I feel the need to, whether that be because I want to phrase something better or would just like to be a bit more creative or elaborate). c:

As of this moment, I'm only interested in roleplaying with OCs. Personally I'm not a big fan of face claims, just a detailed (not super detailed, don't worry) description of their appearance and other relevant information. I also prefer making OCs on the spot instead of reusing exisiting ones...as for my partner, well that's their choice.

Now for kinks and genres! I like the dark and gritty to fluffy and romantic. There's no inbetween. If you favour one more than the other that's fine I'm flexible!

Some generes/scnarios I'm interested in are: Slice of life, Horror, 1800-1900s England, Fantasy, Murder/Mystery, Fandoms (I'll list them), Drama, Comedy, angst

Kinks: Muscular characters, feminine characters, (as long as they're not a yaoi sterotype) incest, consensual sex, fluff, threesomes, crossdressing, abuse, rape, fingering, rimming, toys, age gaps, doggy style, mild dirty talk (too much can be a bit cringy) light bdsm, spanking, unrequited love (I'm awful I know). If any of those make you feel uncomfortable let me know, and I won't include them in our rp.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, South Park, HunieCam Studio (I don't expect a lot of people to know this one), Orange (Anime)

Contact me here:

Thanks! Can't wait to get rping with some of you soon.
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GIMME ALL YOUR UKES! // 3 [Apr. 4th, 2017|06:07 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


Heyo! You may call me Em and I'm here to rob you of all your cute, cuddly, slutty, cock-loving, ukes! So, the first time I posted on this forum was way back in late 2014 and then early 2016 and each time I ended up making a lot of cool friends and doing a lot of awesome roleplays, so I’m back again for the THIRD time! (you guys are probably hella sick of me by now hehe) If you’ve tried to roleplay with me in the past and it didn’t work out for any reason (you ghosted on me or I was tardy with my reply) don’t be afraid to hit me up again!

First, a few things!

Grammar: It's true that the gods gave us auto-correct for a reason but a few grammar mistakes are alright. Pfft, I’d be lying if I wasn’t prone to some mistakes too.

Likes/Kinks: I'm pretty much down for EVERYTHING in the kink/like area! Mpreg, Rape, Shota, BDSM, Cheating, The dirtiest kinds of dirty talk, Harem, Abuse, Crossdressing, Phone Sex, FtM, Intersex, Omegaverse, Incest. You name it, I'm obsessed with it.

Dislikes: Scat, guro, furries and inflation are a big no-no! There might be a few other things that I'm uncomfortable with that I'm forgetting atm but I can always be convinced to try new things~

I don't know if I should put this under "dislikes" but I've never roleplayed as a seke/switch before because I honestly just prefer/am more comfortable with one or the other.

Writing Style: 3rd person paragraphs.

I Want To Try This (Just a couple of my ideas.):

I’ll update this area later...unless I forget/get lazy

WARNINGS: I might send you one-liners/a small paragraph if what you sent me isn't very inspiring/left little context for me to build on. I also will most likely want to be your friend after this too! OOC chat is SOOO welcome, it's not even funny how much I want to be your friend after we RP - though I might be a bit quiet at first but that's just because I'm a little shy...

By the way, just because I like roleplaying as seme doesn't mean I can't rp as uke so if you ever get bored of rping as uke we can switch any time you want, darling.

If I'm ever going to be away from the computer for more than a few days, I'll tell you. (But sometimes most of the fucking time I forget so just message me. 'AYE! WHERE DAT RP MESSAGE AT THO!?')

Skype: Isolophobiaxox (I prefer email to roleplay because skype tends to fuck me over and eat my messages.)

Gmail: Emmyninjaxox@gmail.com

Yahoo: Emmyxox@yahoo.com

Aim: I really don't remember haha

Tumblr: Ask me! (I give follow-backs. You're welcome.)


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Partner? [Apr. 3rd, 2017|09:33 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

I am looking for a long-term roleplay partner!

I absolutely love the Marauder's Era in the Harry Potter series, and would be happy to do any pairing. I really enjoy Sirius x Remus, in which case I would be Remus, and James x Severus, in which case I would be Sev. Other pairings include, but are not limited to, Lucius x Severus, Sirius x Severus(me), Regulus x Severus, Remus x Severus, and Sirius x James for the Marauder's Era. For the Golden Trio's Era, I enjoy Draco x Harry. It does not matter which one I am. I also find Crabbe x Goyle, Blaise x Draco, Neville(me) x Collin, Harry x Collin(me), and Ron x Viktor interesting. These are not the only pairings I am willing to consider!

I ship others form different fandoms as well, but this is what i crave at the moment. I also crave Hiccup x Jack Frost from How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians, and Tom x Marco Diaz from Star Vs the Forces of Evil.

If you are interested, please message me on kik at LukaTheSelkie, or at LukaTheSelkie@gmail.com
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Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Matthew Williams
[mood |Bleh]

Info on me:
Okay... I am 21 years old and have been roleplaying since finding out what Hetalia was in Tenth grade. I am also a female but I don't see the problem with that at all.

I role play 3rd person, And one thing I crave on your side is detail... also no one liners. Give me a one liner and you will get a Two or three word awnser.

My roleplays generally are 18+ so please no one under that...
I am a physical bottom only, so if you are in the same boat then my ad is not for you... unless you are willing to branch out. I have been forced by too many roleplayers to top and I am done.

Characters I roleplay:

Characters I am looking for:
America, Prussia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway

Ships I love:
AmeCan, PruCan, SuFin, HongIce, DenNor, DenFin, NorIce

Preferred Au's:
Nekotalia, Hogwarts, Magical being's Au (from unicorns to dragons),

Kink: Mpreg, And basically anything not on my No-no list below

No-no's: pee, poop, vore, gore, or rape
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Yaoi Modern Fantasy [Mar. 19th, 2017|01:19 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
TL;DR: I’m looking for a partner for a literate multi-paragraph yaoi modern fantasy roleplay featuring a specific character of mine and some others (addons, if you will). Romance is an absolute must, whereas smut is not. I do request samples so please have one or two handy. The roleplay and OOC chat will take place over Skype, this is nonnegotiable.

Name: Surisse (You can call me Su/Suri, whichever you prefer)

Gender: Female (I only roleplay with other female writers, sorry guys.)

Age: 25 (Please be at least 18)

Timezone: Eastern

Availability: Usually on to chat. Cannot promise replies daily but weekly.

Roleplaying Experience: Give or take thirteen years, not counting breaks.

Loves: Talking in OOC, getting to know my partner, character development/interaction, romance, toxic relationships, cheating, angels, demons, domxdom (whether it’s m// or mxf), romance/fluff, heartbreak

Hates: Instalove, plotless smut, PWP, too much drama, short replies, inflexibility, being forced to play one gender/one role

Sample: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yJexb6wmhecXbPeMrNf3SL4VGKoAimyyInmI98VMJcM

*Do I have to read your sample?: Yes, I have actually been asked this and was utterly flabbergasted. But in all honesty, yes, I do expect you to read my sample; the link’s not there to just look pretty. Seriously, we all prejudge or have prejudged at least once in our lives, and I have willingly provided you with a sample knowing this. It's for compatibility purposes.

*How many samples do I have to give you?: At least two will suffice.

*What are you looking for in a sample?: How you write, how many typos and other mistakes you make, etc. Don’t just choose something random, give me what you feel are your best posts. It’s a sample, I’m assuming you’ve had it around for awhile and have had enough time to go back over it and fix any errors in it. I’m by no means a grammar nazi; however, you should understand how mistakes look to someone you’re just meeting for the first time.

Post Length: I average five paragraphs (or about 1000 words) per reply and would much prefer a partner who can match this, and then some. We will write in third person past tense. While I cannot guarantee a reply every day, I really do love talking to my partners—I’m looking for friends, not just another face in the roleplaying world. If there’s a lack of a connection between us in just chatting, I’m afraid I don’t see how we could possibly have any chemistry while writing together.

Setting: Modern Fantasy!

Character: Profile will be given after samples are exchanged and after we have determined we are well-matched. I will, however, tell you a bit about him. His name is Jasper and he’s a 26 year old Sagittarius. He's a pretty chill dude with a darker side to his personality, and an equally dark past. He's the younger half brother to my main character, although, neither knows the other exists; I do plan for them meeting one day, but the older brother is taken and would only be making minor appearances. He loves changing up his look every so often and likes to think himself as original. He has unusual powers and isn't really human, but he's not necessarily a supernatural (or nonhuman) either. He's not looking for anything serious but obviously can be “persuaded” if the right guy comes along.

Character I Want to Play Against: If I had to give Jasper a “position in bed,” I’d say he’s a switch/seke so I’d prefer a switch. Though, I do like letting the characters figure it out between themselves. I don't want a character who’s clearly made for Jasper, throw me a curveball. What species your character is doesn't matter to me, and it surely won't matter to Jasper either.

**I am open to throwing in multiple sexualities into our roleplay and do have other characters available. Ask if interested!!**

Plots: I have a very loose, very basic idea for modern fantasy, taken from the Night World series for those that are curious; it consists of supernatural creatures (fantasy and mythical alike) living in the modern world where humans either know of them or don’t, or don’t believe in them at all. There is a heaven and hell where angels and demons reside. The supernatural on earth have their own secret society in which they abide by their own rules while fitting in among humans; and angels make sure everyone is kept in check. Demons are allowed to roam the surface so long as they have permission from a higher up. There are laws against killing humans and even falling in love with them, the latter resulting in harsh consequences. Would love to hear your input on this!

Contact Details: Skype: Ashtainw. **When you contact me, be sure to introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about yourself. I will ignore requests that do not have this info; fair warning.**
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Looking for a Long term Hetalia rp partner [Mar. 10th, 2017|12:05 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Matthew Williams
My name is Ashley.
I am 21 years old.
I am female.

Okay... so what can I say? I will ship just about any pairing. But I love the Nordics. I also do smut. M/M. That being said. I ONLY DO BOTTOM! No top, no switch... bottom is what I am best at. Why should I change what I am comfortable with for someone who claims they are better at it?

If we do a roleplay. It has to contain the following:
It has to have a bit of detail. I have ADHD so I get distracted easily... not to mention I get bored quickly.

You can normally tell when I am into something... my responses get better the longer we role play as long as you give me something to work with.

I enjoy the brief out of character and roleplay talk too. If you have a problem you can count on me to lend an ear.

My limits are as follows: suicide, rape, beastiality (human on animal) and absolutely no bathroom stuff.

I don't like gore or vore either.

I enjoy Mpreg and cum inflation though... the bigger my character gets the better. I enjoy doing any type of animals as long as they are both an animal (Animal on animal), I also have explored furries before.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you! :)

You can contact me on
Kik: canadianmaple3 (Recommended)
Email: ashleycmay20@aol.com
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