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Let's write something fantastic [Jan. 19th, 2018|10:14 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


Name: Surisse
Nicknames: Suri/Su
Age: 26 (be 18+)
RP Experience:  I cannot say for sure collectively, but I have been writing on and off since I was roughly twelve years old. I consider myself literate if such labels are even in use anymore.
Timezone: Eastern. I welcome those in different timezones with open arms! 

The RP

-Will be set in modern fantasy. Modern fantasy to me means that supernatural, fantasy, and mythical creatures all reside within the human world. They blend in, hiding in plain sight, and follow their own set of rules. 

-Will be mature. Use of strong language, blood and gore, suggestive themes, etc. I tend to like darker, grittier themes and I almost have no limits. Teenage molestation and forced intercourse are a part of my character’s background; however, it will not be written out. I will not entertain you in that regard. 

-May contain elements of crude humor, fluff, and angst. My character is a sarcastic ass and tends to believe he’s the funniest guy in the room--anyone else, not so much. My character also tends to push people away so plenty of options for drama there. 

-Will be over Skype. Skype has been my main roleplaying for years and it’s just so hard for me to change platforms. I feel it’s also the most intimate tool because you can talk in real time versus sending private messages/emails. 


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Why don't we create a story together ? [Jan. 19th, 2018|11:16 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

I've lately gotten extra free time in my hands and I'm craving for a new RP -or possibly more than just one.

First, here are some things you may -or may not- want to know about me:

~I am legally an adult (over 20) and I would prefer to play with other adults, please.
~I have been RPing for almost 10 years.
~I prefer third person, past tense narrative and paragraph/novella style.
~Currently looking for m// as a main pair, but I'm open to all kinds of pairings for side characters.
~English is not my first language so I'm not perfect (nobody is, after all) however I do my best to be grammatically correct and make as few mistakes as possible, and I do expect this from my RP partners. (At least give me something that I can understand. It's pointless if I can't make sense of what you wrote.)
~I'm in college, I have a few mini jobs and four cats. That means that I will not be over my laptop 24 hours per day, so if you are looking for rapid responses, I'm not your guy. (I do not expect that from you either.) My main goal is to be able to reply at least once per day, and when my schedule allows it, multiple times per day. However sometimes it might take me 2-3 days to get back to you. That does not mean I'm ignoring you.
~I strictly RP over e-mail.
~My posts' length varies, depending on what you give me to work with. That said, I'm sorry but I do not wish to play with one-liners. My average is 3-5 decent sized paragraphs but if the plot requires it, I can easily reach 10-15.

Please do:
~Be creative, as cliche' as it sounds.
~Talk to me OOC. I would love to discuss about our characters, common interests, or any subject you decide to throw at me.
~Notify me if you are going away (from our fictional world, or planet earth) for a while. I do not expect daily responses, and I would most likely wait for a reply like forever, but if you are gone for too long, I might start worrying that you got abducted by aliens.

Please don't:
~Vanish without a word. If your interest to our RP has ceased to exist, just be an adult and tell me. It's better than waiting for you pointlessly.
~Make it personal. Just because an OC has some beliefs that you are uncomfortable with, doesn't mean I share them, nor that they are meant to insult you. If something bothers you, please let's discuss it like the civilized beings we are.
~Bother me if you are strict about top/bottom and play as only one or the other. I need flexibility, thank you.
~Steal my characters. Do I really need to mention that one?

Turn offs: Vore, gore, furries, pedophilia, dealing with anything that needs to be flushed down the toilet, mpreg, godmodding and having my character(s) killed without permission. Anything else is probably fine though; just ask!

Fandoms: I do prefer playing with original characters in original universes. However, if you want to convince me to do a fandom-based RP, you have better chances with these (in random order):
*Death Note
*Doctor Who
*American Gods
*One Punch Man
*Death Parade
*No Game No Life
*Game of Thrones - ASOIAF
*Harry Potter
etc etc
Please note that I'd still feel more comfortable playing an OC than a canon character.

*Anything involving angels and demons.
*Merfolk. I do have a soft spot for mermaids, mermen and oceanic creatures in general.
*Extra terrestrial beings.
*Assasins and other punkish babes. Yes, just yes.
*A hospital or even mental asylum RP.
*Detectives. (Even space detectives.)
*Gods living amongst humans.
*Spirits and ghosts.
*Online relationships!
*RPs involving mystery and serial killers.

I could go on and on forever. I have a soft spot for fantasy and sci fi, but if a plot interests me, I will not say no, no matter the genre. I also have plenty of other ideas, and I wanna hear yours as well.

... I wanted to keep this short and smooth but I'm failing.
Anyway, see something you fancy? Feel free to message me on rithecatist @ gmail.com (just remove the spaces first!)
Tell me how should I call you (you may call me Ri, by the way), your ideas, your cravings, your limits, your life story, etc -I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a nice day!
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Looking for a long-term MXM RP partner [Jan. 19th, 2018|09:15 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


* Hi there! I’m Rye, I’ve been role-playing for five years, and I’m looking for some new 18+ long-term RP partners who do M/M OC Role-plays. I neither do F/F nor F/M. I’m also open to doing certain fandoms(though I prefer original plots), which I’ll list below.  I’m also open to OOC chat, so don’t be shy! 


• No godmodding; don’t control my character, and I won’t control yours.

• Don’t use excessive gore in smut scenes, please. Killing Stalking-esque smut is a big no-no for me. BDSM is alright, though.

• Be 18+ if you’re roleplaying smut with me. That being said, I dislike plots that revolve around smut. Let a relationship build up between our characters. However, in some certain scenarios I’m alright with having a pre-established relationship between our characters.

• No one-liners (except if it’s necessary to the plot). I only role-play paragraph style, in 3rd person. I expect my RP partners to do the same. Please at least use proper grammar and punctuation.  I have a few exceptions for excerpts in which the characters are texting or snapchatting each other, but that’s about it.

• Don’t use a Gary Stu/Mary Sue character when roleplaying with me. I absolutely detest characters that ‘are the chosen one uwu who is perfect in each and every way’. Just… no.

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Post-Apocalyptic Snow-themed RP? [Jan. 4th, 2018|05:49 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
'Ey y'all! New year, new life, new RPs! I had some wonderful partners last year along with some RPs that I really enjoyed, however, most did not last or they went unfinished, sadly. However, I'm feeling inspired right now, and I'm ready to make some new RPs!

Some information about me beforehand:

  • I'm in my early twenties.

  • I'm a student in college, and I have a part-time job on the side, which means there are times in which I can go for a long time without replying (I'll warn you if this happens), but I can manage several replies a week, and if the stars are aligned, I may manage several replies a day.

  • English is not my first language, so keep that in mind.

  • I write in a third person, past tense style (Though depending on the style and tone of the RP I may switch it to present tense. No first person though, I loathe writing in first person).

  • My posts vary greatly in length, my starter posts tend to be longer (Up to 3,000 words if I'm into it) and they tend to wane as I go on (Going as low as 300 words if I'm not feeling particularly inspired) and then go back-and-forth between longer and shorter. I'll always give you something to work with though (One or two paragraphs minimum), and never meaningless one-liners.

  • My main preference in pairing is M/M, though I don't mind M/F or F/F, but my main interest is M/M. Though I can definitely write characters of both genders, I really have no preference when it comes to those; in fact, despite the main pairing being M/M, I'd love you forever if we could include at least one female main character, but the more, the merrier!

  • I love writing smut, but I don't mind at all if you want to focus more on the story and romantic aspect of the RP, the smut/story ratio could vary depending on what you want. My hard limits are: Incest, bestiality, non-con, scat/waterworks (I absolutely hate these two), feet, vore and gore. Now, don't get me wrong, I like dark RPs, I like smut and I like gore (Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows, hehe), but I don't want to see the latter two together, it just makes me nauseous.

  • A bit of a controversial point related to smut: I won't lie, I kind of prefer writing the 'bottom' character in the relationship. Sorry, it's just a personal preference. My characters are not submissive or meek in the slightest, since those types of characters tend to be kind of boring, but I just prefer to RP smut in that position. That being said, I know there are people who feel uncomfortable deciding that first thing in the RP, so I'm more than fine with just figuring it out as the RP and character dynamic progresses, I'm also more than open to trying out a switch dynamic as well.

So, now that that's out of the way, I'll get on with the ideas that I had: So, this may seem in poor taste, and I don't even live in the U.S., but with all the talk that's been going on recently about the Bomb Cyclone and all, I got inspiration for a Post-Apocalyptic-ish RP that features snow as its main motif/theme. It doesn't even have to be winter, just white/gray lighting, cold environments and lots of snow. I recently got a rather unusual idea, and it's basically the RP I just described, but with a twist, and the twist is that the Post-Apocalyptic world is not modern or Sci-Fi, but rather High Fantasy.


Basically, it's your old, everyday, Tolkienesque world, and then one day, for whatever reason, a cataclysmic event happened. I have not yet decided a particular reason for why this happened, but let's just say that something happened that caused a shift in the magic system of the world, which resulted in an unexpected eternal winter; this took everyone by surprise, and it caused a yuuuge shift in society, and it quickly threw everything into chaos. The world descended into Dystopia pretty quickly, and eventually, all semblances of a stable society were forgotten, it was an "everyone-by-themselves" situation. Groups and clans were formed, even little towns have arised, but not many. On top of the eternal winter, mysterious creatures appeared wrecking havoc upon everything they found; no one knows what they look like, as no one who has encountered them has ever lived to tell the tale. They're only known as the "Shadow people", and the only thing that's sure about them is that they're evil, or so they say, at least.

This, as I said, would be a High Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic RP with horror undertones and a heavy snow motif (Although to be fair, the "end of the world" part is a lot milder than it is in other stuff), it would feature a lot of worldbuilding and it would be very dark, and due to its nature, generally action-filled. The romance part is a bit tricky, because I'm not the biggest fan of slow burn (I generally don't have the patience for it), plus, the dangerous world might pressure people to get into a relationship, but I hate instalove and the "Strangled by the red string" trope, so we'd have to balance that out; I think that a romance that's moving at a fast but believable pace would be fine. Actually writing it, however...

Since this is High Fantasy, I will be playing an elf (Y'know, those hot, pointy-eared smartasses). Elves tend to be portrayed as kind of perfect, but don't worry, mine won't be at all. You can play whatever race you want: Human, dwarf, halfling (Because calling them "hobbits" would get me sued), or another elf, I don't really mind. Character sheets would be appreciated, but I'm fine with just jumping into the RP.

So, sadly, I don't have a set story in mind for the RP, this is all just an idea, so we'd have to discuss it before we get to the RP itself. I'm fine with making it up as we go, but I'd like to have a general outline for the story beforehand, because I've found that jumping in without discussing anything tends to kill the RP before it even begins. You're free to give your own ideas, of course! I'd love to hear them, and you're also more than welcome to contributing to the worldbuilding of the RP.

Aside from the above, I have a couple of other ideas, like, I have this one idea that's really complex and in-depth, it's a mix of Science Fiction and High Fantasy, but, like I said, it's really extensive, nearly Epic in length and scope, and it's already fairly well developed, so it might scare you off, but if you're interested in it, feel free to ask me about it. I also watched The Last Jedi recently (Well, a couple of weeks ago, actually), and I'm slowly getting into the Star Wars EU, so I would be willing to RP something in that fandom, or even something inspired by Star Wars without necessarily taking place in that universe. But, right now, my main interest lies within the above idea.

So, to finish this off, I want to say that I'm open to adding things that are generally very taboo within the writing community, RP or not, like Mpreg; it's something that I personally enjoy, but a lot of people don't, and I'm more than fine with not including it, I also enjoy ABO, but it would not fit with this particular RP; in terms of character ages, I could RP romance with 16-year-old characters, but I refuse to write smut with characters below 17, and even then, I'd feel more comfortable if they're over 18. I do refuse to RP with anyone that's below 18, though. Sorry, but if you're not of age in your country do not contact me. Aside from that, I'd also like to say that if you've contacted me before, or if I've contacted you before, and if for whatever reason our RP didn't work out, then feel free to talk to me again, I'd love to give it another shot if you want to. For anyone that hasn't contacted me before, and even for the ones that have contacted me before, feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the RP or about myself.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

E-mail: malex11037@gmail.com
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Looking for partners! [Dec. 27th, 2017|03:43 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play


I go by Adari. :)

I am looking for a few partners to fill up empty time. ^^

If you plan to ghost on me or not bother to reply when it comes time to rp, stop reading here. (Not being rude. This just happens too often.)

I'm older than 21. Please be 18 and up

I work and have a life, so if I don't reply for a day. Don't freak out, please. (I usually try reply once a day of not more)

I do smut. And yes I love cursing. I love characters who are violent, dirty mouthed, ect. And I adore when our characters fight!

Sadly, I do not enjoy one liners. Or boring characters (I.e overly depressed, can't do anything for themselves, ect)

I do not do fandoms. (Sorry!) I do (M/M and M/F. But tend to play the females)

If you are interested, hit up my gmail.

Here are some plots/pairings:
Crime boss| Detective
Mythical creature| Mythical creature
Bar owner| Bar goer
Inmate| warden
(Or mix and match some of the pairings)

Jack in the box:
One day char A is down on his luck. He lost his job. His lover kicks him out and he is about done with life. So he wanders to a park and finds a old jack in the box toy sitting there. It seems a child has left it behind. So he picks it up and starts to play with it. And that's when… A blinding light? And suddenly he's falling. Right in front of an audience of people. “Are you alright my King?” He suddenly sees a hand in front of him. But what is this? King? And who is this person? (I'm the mysterious person)

Char A and B are old lovers. And they never expected to see each other again. Not after such a terrible breakup. Char A stayed in town and Char B left. So how is it that they ended up here? In the same house, in the same room... for a whole week?! Well it turns out they share a mutual friend. How will things happen between them? Especially when feelings are still there… But so is the anger. (I can play either)

My soul to take:

A plot based on revenge. A is of the verge of death. Why? Because he was betrayed, but by who? He had been kind to everyone in his life. But only to get screwed in the end. But thinking back, his wife only liked his money. His business partner only liked using him. Everyone in his life was using him. “I like that anger. And if you would like revenge. I'll help.” So he comes back to life, only he isn't a he anymore. He's female…? And at the mercy of a demon... Why? (Id like to be A)
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Longterm Roleplay Pals! [Dec. 27th, 2017|04:34 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

[mood |Slap Happy]
[music |Your Reality]

*taps mic* Euh, is this thing on...?

Howdy! I'm Jordan, or as others call me, dramatic. I enjoy roleplays that are dramatic!

Maybe not so much fainting on the nearest couch dramatic, but I like to keep the interest up at all times if possible. Conflict and challenges are a good story's best friend! I'm sorry to say that "kei looked up from his book and smiled" isn't going to keep me around long, and I have such anxiety about telling my partner I'm quitting the roleplay, so please don't make me do that :'( Roleplay is kinda like a passion project, and it would be a joy to find someone who's happy to make twists, add background characters, etc.

That being said, I've got prompts for days, and they're just made for drama. So if you're blanking on a plot to suggest, never fear; I've always got some tricks up my sleeve. Below are some of the ideas I'm most interested in at the moment (mainly because I've already written starters to them ^o^"). Take a look, and feel free to ask about switching things around:

In this corner we got Marcello Lunati; a no-nonsense leader on the streets, and a total mess of a human being the rest of the time. At only 27, he’s clinched a job as the conductor for one of the top music school’s choirs, and while he rules with an iron fist, there’s not a whole lot to be said about his “elegance” outside of work. He drinks, barely sleeps, can’t put down a cup of coffee for the life of him and swears like a sailor, though for the sake of working with mostly young adults, he tries to keep that part to a minimum. Keyword being tries.
Your character, their accompanist, is one of the only people he confides in for reasons even he won’t explain and doesn’t really seem to know to begin with. Perhaps for the fact that he doesn’t criticize his mannerisms for being a classical musician, perhaps he just likes him for no reason, or most likely, it’s something that indeed, Marcello can't yet put a name to.

-Head Chef/Sous Chef (or rather, vs.)
I gotta admit, an old roleplay best buddy helped me come up with this one. Meet the tyrant head chef Jacques Bernard at five-star restaurant Osteria Generico (slow clap if you get the joke), fairly content with his job until the former sous chef- and his girlfriend- passed away. Already devastated by this, he simply cannot accept the arrival of your character, a cocky over-the-top prodigy who wows his way up to being sous chef with “frankly ridiculous displays” and an attitude that everyone seems to adore, even though Jacques considers it too childish and loud for the kitchen. The only problem is...Now and then, he catches your character looking at him a certain way, and he refuses to understand why it makes him embarrassed the way it does. I don't really have much more to say about this one, besides the cute potential being off the charts. I got a thing for rivalry to romance. Sue me.

-Forever best friends who- Alright. Alright. I know it's a cliche, just hear me out
Had another good pal help me out with this one. We've all heard the story; they were best friends growing up, probably grew apart and some point and got back together, blah blah blah and scene. Not this time! Let's take that sweet, sweet fluff and throw a little anguish in the mix.
This time, we've got best friends practically from birth, happy as could be until tragedy rears its ugly head. Traumatized by an event faced together in childhood, the two find they only have each other in this world, but struggle to keep even themselves afloat. And with one falling victim to addiction and depression, the clock is ticking to find help and change things for the better, even if it means leaving the bubble they've created for just the two of them.

-(F/F) Country Gal/City Lady
While F/F is a little unusual for me, I might explode if I keep considering this one and never suggest it.
Vivian Schultz doesn't seem to belong to any place. Be it the friendly suburbs she grew up in or the concrete jungle her many meaningless jobs caged her in, the pairs of eyes on the streets never stopped staring. Tired of mind numbing tasks just to afford food and shelter, she picks up and heads for the country, desperate to find solace in her lifelong dream of farming- too bad she doesn't quite fit in there, either. Settled in a small Nebraskan town, she finds that she's making a fool of herself every day with her inexperience, uptight mannerisms, and all around uncertain demeanor. Only one person seems to so much as notice her, and that person is your character, a lifelong farm girl eager to befriend her new neighbor and show her the ropes.

And there you have it! Hopefully one of those might strike your fancy :) I'd like to go ahead and warn of a few things I absolutely don't want, if you would be so kind as to let me know yourself about your own boundaries.

-No rape/abuse/etc. within the pairing. Past experiences, antagonist characters, etc. are perfectly okay by me, but absolutely none within the pairing itself, as none of my characters would even tolerate that in the first place.

-No underage or taboo for a reason relationships. This would mean incest, pedophilia, and characters that, in the given circumstance, can't legally consent.

-Over the top kinks. Vore, gore, four score and twenty years ago- I can't do it. At least not as a kink. You can bet I'll do injury, but I draw the line at your character getting all hot n' bothered by my character's blood.

-One-liners. Please, take a break if you're tired or busy! If you're not able to sit down and write but still want to engage, I'd be happy to go back and forth with headcannons or barrage you with terrible memes replaced by our characters. Never feel obligated to be on when I'm on or match how many replies I send in a day, as long as each post is thought out and of enough length to move the story forward with.

That's about all I got. If there's still something you're unsure about, ask away! I'll be pretty available for the next six months or so, as far as I know. I'll for sure let you know if something comes up; I try not to ghost on people, unless I've spent a day or two just sleeping without so much as checking my phone. It happens ^-^"

So, with all that out of the way, contact me any time at kuratsuo.jordan@gmail.com :D (I've been told once or twice that I haven't gotten an e-mail from someone, so if I don't respond back after two days or so, try jordan_linderer@yahoo.com)

Ciao ciao!
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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2017|05:53 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Important "personal" stuff:
Name: You can call me Arlequin.
Age: 21+.
Gender: Female.
Location: Europe.
Availability: I am the unhappy owner of a full time job, so I try my best to reply once per day at a minimum, but there will be days where I won't reply because they're just too busy.
Preferred medium: Email only, please. Messenger really doesn't work for me.
Contact: xnanatsunotaizai@gmail.com
But please, please, tell me something about you in the initial email. Stuff like "hey wanna rp?" will be ignored, because honestly, if I don't want to rp, I don't post an ad... Haha. Let me know what idea you were interested in, or pitch your own in your initial email. As rude as it may sound, I do not have time to go back and forth for 5+ messages before the first suggestions come up.

Important "searching" stuff:
~ I'm okay with m/f and m/m pairings. (In m/f I prefer the male role.)
~ I've tried to come up with some (let's be honest here...) a lot of different plot suggestions, but if you think there's a plot I have not listed but I would be interested in, feel more than free to pitch it to me!
~ I'm absolutely not against smut and can go as detailed as you want on it, but let's not jump from one steamy session into the next (unless of course, it would make sense for the story) all the time.
~ Please have a good grasp of the English language. I might not be a native myself, but if I have to read your responses 3 times and still have no idea what they are about, we are not a good match.
~ If you do contact me, please tell me something about yourself in your initial email. (What do I call you, what idea where you interested in (because my memory isn't thát good either), and what type of pairing you had in mind for it?)

Storyline suggestions:
9 suggestions under here.Collapse )

And, these and more can be found in my collection post here.
...But as I've stated already, if you think I'd me a good match for one of your own ideas, then feel more than free to suggest it to me.

So... That's about it. Sorry for the long story, but I hope to hear from you! :)
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M/M slice of life partners [Nov. 16th, 2017|10:37 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
Hi all!

I have been going through entries here and I have already messaged some of the posters, but I guess it could be useful to post my own ad.

I'll try to go to the point, as I prefer discussing specific likes and dislikes with people directly.

I'm currently looking for a slice of life partner (not closed to fantasy though. We can discuss). I don't like putting plot ideas out there because I prefer brainstorming to find common ground instead of limiting people's imaginations. If it feels like we're not compatible I'll let you know. No hard feelings.

I like my worlds realistic and I love developing characters and writing multiple of them at a time.

No fandoms. Sorry. And please be over 18 because smut is a must for me.

For more information you can email me at:
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Looking For Long-Term Yaoi/Boy x Boy Roleplay Partners! :D [Nov. 1st, 2017|09:33 pm]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play
My name is Crystal. I'm from the American Central Time Zone. I'm usually really nice, but if I'm not in the mood I will become super rude; I usually try my best not to let it out on others, but sometimes it doesn't work. I hope that doesn't scare you off! We all have our bad days, right?

- Be active. I want replies at least once or twice a week. I prefer multiple replies each day, but I understand that can't always happen. I'm in everyday college, so I can't reply throughout the day; only in the mornings and after school. On weekends I'm usually active.
- Don't get boring. I like simple, cozy roleplays but lets not make them too boring right away okay? Or else I might stop replying or forget about the roleplay.
- Don't make all the drama about yourself. I like drama, but if it's always centered around you, it gets boring very quickly.
- No gary-sues or op characters. I don't mind godmodding as long as it's not drastic, like you killing my character!

I'm looking for a simple good yaoi/boyxboy roleplay! I prefer to be the uke/bottom, so if you aren't comfortable with that don't try to make me be the seme/top. I'm usually not into that. The most you could do is make me a switch. I'm a born bottom, and I like to stay that way.
When I roleplay, I can do a variety of genres. Some of my favorites are listed here:

Slice of Life
✦ Fantasy/Supernatural
✦ Sci-Fi
✦ Historical Fiction
✦ Action/Adventure

I actually don't have many plots in mind. But I do love dark themes like rape, abuse, drugs, etc. If you have any plots, I'd love to hear them! But I'm one of those people that will suddenly think of one, so I will not list any on here.

I do roleplay fandoms, but not usually. I like to make ocs based on these fandoms, unless I really love a character and am good at staying in their character. Here's some I'm willing to roleplay, and most I have ocs for:
✦ Attack on Titan
✦ Durarara
✦ Tokyo Ghoul
✦ Miraculous Ladybug
✦ Voltron
✦ Hetalia

This is the part you are all waiting for, isn't it? I am into a lot of stuff, so i'll just put them all down!
✦ Soft Sex
✦ Rape/Rape Play (Only if discussed!)
✦ Kidnap
✦ Drugging
✦ Master/Daddy kink
✦ Heavy bondage
✦ Sex toys
✦ Sex furniture
✦ Abuse/Neglect
✦ Slave x Master

If you have any other questions, just ask me! I will ask for you to say a little about yourself when you email me, what you like to rp and what you were wanting to roleplay with me!

Hope to see you soon! Peace out!
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Bored guy looking for RP [Nov. 1st, 2017|09:39 am]
Original Character Yaoi Role Play

Hello! My name is Finn and I am looking forward to finding someone to RP with! Due to my situation right now, I have a lot of time on my hands. I really miss doing RPs and most of my partners are on a hiatus. I do not mind the wait, I just have nothing to while they are gone. (I legit would wait till the end of time for a reply like I am on a 6-month streak right now.)

Anyways, My requirements are not that bad just some ground rules I suppose.
- I do not enjoy fandom RPs, I am afraid that I would not be able to capture the character. I crave OC rps with a well thought out plot. (I will get into plots later!)
- It does not matter what your age is, I just want to let you know that I am 18. There will be mature themes happening here.
- Speaking of mature themes, I enjoy a lot of angsty shit into my roleplay. I put a ton of thought into my replies and there will be a lot of realistic feelings, especially since a lot of my OCs have mental illnesses. (More on NSFW plots later!)
+ I live for slow burners, even on the NSFW plots I like to hold back smutt. I want the timing to be right when the character develops a relationship!
- I write in the third person. I find that a lot of people do on this website which is pleasing. I also prefer at least 3 paragraphs from someone. I send long responses and I would appreciate the same!
+ For those who cannot handle long replies, we can do a text-based RP! I think it is a fun idea to do! (More on that later!)
- OOC chat is not required but is appreciated. I love to talk about our characters and plots!
- A pet peeve of mines is an oc that just watches everything and doesn't join in on the rp like the "Dark Blade put on his headphones and watched from far away twirling his pocket knife. Whenever someone tries to talk to him all he does is a shrug and makes a very small remark that doesn't move the plot along at all." - I'm not saying you cant make an antisocial oc but the plot needs a drive and you can do it without at least going out exploring, finding new things, learning about the other ocs and using it for your ocs own benefit. Antisocial people are antisocial for a reason same as a social person is social.
- For face claims, I would like for it to be anime- I draw most of my Ocs so it would match well.

This is all I can think of right now- On to plots!

Plots that I have been Craving!
- I have been wanted to do a band RP for a while now but I have not go what I wanted ;;
+ Rock or Kpop band
+ Gorillaz inspired band: Started as a small animation using their own voices for the band part- everyone liked their singing so much that they continued; end up being an online sensation along cartoon and anime enthusiast
- I always love to do school RPS!
+ Student/Student, Student/Teacher, Teacher/Teacher are nice
- Omegaver! (This can be combined with other plots)
- Insane Asylum/ Mental Hospital
- Ghost! I love Ghost! Mostly Ghost x Human
+ Boy doesn't know that he is dead and meets up with a boy that can see ghost. He thought the ghost was alive and so did the ghost. they become best friends :0)
+ Imagine moving into a large house for the holidays with your friend at a beautiful location in the mountains in Japan. The trees are towering and tall covered in light blankets of snow, nature is all around and the chilly breeze feels just right. Entering into the onsen, one can quickly pick up how old this building is; wood is aged that creaks at every step and there is dusk bunnies littered everywhere from being neglected (THIS IS SO CLICHÉ OMG IM SO SORRY) But one thing about this hot spring that makes the aura very heavy, its like there is eyes everywhere.
The history of this building has nothing grand. It was owned by two newly-wed couple that didn't know any better then to construct a building on an empty plot of land. They decided instead of wasting the sight of the beautiful scenery is to make it into a hot spring. They wanted it so badly that they put all their money into making their shared dreams come true. It was quickly shot down when they realize nobody was coming into their new place because it was placed so highly up the mountains. The couple became so desperate that they started kidnapping customers to enjoy their springs. Many people went missing and died in that little plot of land and their deaths are a mystery to many people.
(There is many ways that this can be executed like for example: a group of friends comes to visit, A distant relative learned about this place and decided to see the hot springs, a wander who happen to found this place-- things like that.)
- Tattoo artist Au
- For the chat RP, we can do it from kik or line (I prefer line) We can make the profiles look like the characters and stuff! We can write like it they are talking to each other (I am very interesting in trying this format)
- Supernatural! I love monsters and such!
- Doll maker AU
- Two royal families (one family is a traditional kingdom that favors their people while the other family runs their kingdom with a high fist and wreath is an important factor for its family) are in tension for many years and as an act of peace the first kingdom offers up their best servants and dancers- one of the servants is muse a who is the king special personal butler that will ask like a spy to follow the king's son, the next king, as a personal servant.
- New kid come to muse B’s school after meeting him through pen pale and saved muse A’s life with his word

NSFW Plots
- D I L F S
+ I just want daddies I am sorry.
- Male Strippers hehe
- Gangster/ Black Market
+ Maybe a kidnapping plot. May include gore and rape. Drugs too.
- I love anything Gore related

May update later if I think of something else! Anyways, I hope that I tickle your fancy.
You can contact me from my RP email: httphotmilky@gmail.com
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